Set on the shores of an 18,000-acre nature reserve on the island of Providenciales, Amanyara Turks & Caicos welcomes a new partnership with the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Frost Science) in Miami for the launch of the resort’s new youth activity program, Science Explorers and Environmental Keepers (SEEK). 

Its first such collaboration with a resort, Frost Science will launch eight camps at Amanyara in 2021, with programming targeted to children (ages 5-10) as well as pre-teens and teens (ages 11-14).  

SEEK camps will focus on three primary themes: Coastal Conservation, Reef Rescue and Sun, Moon and Stars, with hands-on science activities and “out in the environment” guided experiences, such as kayaking and snorkelling led by Frost Science Educators.

“We are delighted to be working with Frost Science for our new youth programming,” said Ian White, general manager of Amanyara. “SEEK will elevate our already strong family experiences at Amanyara, which include soccer and tennis camps, water sports, outdoor wellness activities, and more. With the new SEEK camps, we hope to cultivate enthusiasm for the environment and passion for conservation amongst the next generation as they learn to take care of our planet.”

SEEK Program Themes:

Coastal Conservation: This theme will take a deeper look into the mangroves, sand dunes, and marine life that call coastlines home. Young explorers will learn about key conservation efforts and ways in which to help make a change. Activities will include kayaking or hiking through the mangroves, building a coastline model, mangrove nursery scavenger hunt, and a microscopic look at sand and plants.  

Reef Rescue: The pristine reefs of Northwest Point Marina National Park are some of the region’s most diverse—a vibrant underwater wonderland running parallel to Amanyara’s secluded beach. Children will dive into the science of corals and other marine life located right off Amanyara, including turtles, rays, and fish. Activities will include snorkelling or kayaking, building a coral reef, and developing a unique “Save the Reef” campaign that celebrates biodiversity.

Sun, Moon, and Stars: Young guests at Amanyara need only look upward to the starlit skies to witness the beauty of the cosmos. Frost Science Educators will explain the interesting properties of the sun and moon before launching into the science of the stars. Children will learn how we can use light to search for life on other planets as well as hear fascinating stories about the constellations. Activities will include night-time stargazing, constellation mapping, spectroscopy and creating moon models.

The themed SEEK camps will be offered during the following periods with a flexible daily drop-in atmosphere. The daily rate per child is $95*. 

  • February 11 – 15: Sun, Moon, and Stars 
  • March 18 – April 3: Coastal Conservation and Sun, Moon and Stars
  • May 27 – 31: Reef Rescue 
  • July 1 – 5: Reef Rescue 
  • August 1 – 15: Coastal Conservation and Reef Rescue 
  • November 24 – 28: Sun, Moon, and Stars 

In addition to participation in the programs, young guests will take home keepsakes, such as a tote bag and reusable water bottle, of their experiences at Amanyara as well as complimentary tickets to visit Frost Science in Miami. Parents booking a trip to Amanyara and a SEEK camp to celebrate a child’s birthday will also receive a celebratory birthday surprise gift box in advance of their stay.   

For guests who want a more personalized experience for their families, Amanyara can offer a bespoke private camp experience at the resort throughout the year with advance reservations. Ideal for families, Amanyara’s newly renovated, standalone pavilions and multi-bedroom villas feature large pools and personalized services as well as an abundance of space and privacy.

*Dates and themes are subject to change.

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