It’s human nature to want more. We outgrow our homes, update them and even upgrade them. But sometimes we want something different. Maybe a complete change of scenery? Or how about a completely different lifestyle? You might quit your job, or start working from home. Perhaps you’ll sell your car and walk or cycle everywhere. But would you move to enhance or even change your lifestyle completely?

Moving somewhere with a completely different environment could certainly encourage a lifestyle change. Imagine a Caribbean island. More sun and more warmth would definitely promote an outdoor lifestyle. Equally, if you moved somewhere colder that is covered by a blanket of snow most of the year round, you might find your fashion choices include woolies!

Families love space. And they are keen to be able to keep an eye on their little ones while the parents are doing their chores. This is why open plan living is so important to them. It facilitates the family lifestyle they’re keen to have. Many families either knock down walls or use real estate agents to find them the kind of home they need to live that lifestyle. It’s perfect for those who want to entertain as well. You can prepare in the kitchen but still be a part of the conversation.

Health and fitness are really important to some people. But if heading to the leisure center fills you with dread, you might be keen to have a home gym. Sometimes garages, basements, or even spare bedrooms can be renovated for this purpose. If you want to be fitter but hate public gyms, this could be the solution for you. Would you move home to find a house with a gym, sauna, and pool? Maybe not, but plenty of health-conscious people do.

Another way that moving house could radically alter your lifestyle is by moving closer to your place of work. Cutting out the commute buys you valuable hours every week to take up hobbies, spend quality time with your kids, or kick back and relax. Alternatively, you might buy a property with a great vista and a spacious home office to work from. No commute, no suits, and no gray walls!

City living is convenient, energetic, and fun. Most of us have lived in a loft or apartment in the center of all the local amenities. Staying out late, enjoying the club scene, and the social life is great when you’re young. But as we mature and relationships become more serious, a change of scene might be in order. You may want a more settled lifestyle and 2.4 kids. Moving to a house in the suburbs could help you live the life you want now. You’d get the space you need, the extra bedrooms, and access to good schools.

Moving can, and probably will alter your lifestyle somewhat. For a more radical lifestyle change, you may even move abroad. The home is the first place you look to create the life you want to lead. Get the lifestyle you want with a change of property.