We’re halfway through 2017, but it’s not too late to pick up on this year’s top trends for luxury homes. Sometimes, a clean slate is exactly what you need to feel at home again, and that can be done at any point in the year. Here is a look at some of the home design trends the best interior designers are recommending for 2017.


Natural Colors

There’s nothing quite like the effect of bringing the outside indoors. Architect and designer, Jeffrey Beers, recommends using natural colors on your walls. One of the most popular colors currently is Greenery – a yellow-green color that can add a pop of character to your rooms. Other in style colors include, Kale and Hazelnut. You guessed it – the same shades as their food counterparts. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could go for the color Flame, which is an orangey red combination. If you prefer to keep your walls plain, you can always add the colors to your rooms via accessories, like a stunning glass vase or other statement piece.


Mixed Metals

Mixing metals within a room can add real character and personality. However, it can be a delicate balance that’s difficult to perfect. You don’t want to add too much and you need to get just enough of each kind of metal in order for the room to work. Think about brass and chrome or silver and polished nickel. You can even use the same type of metal but with different finishes. Consider using metal lamps, vases, and trays in the room, but remember that a touch here and there is more than enough.


Get Creative

It’s easy to match everything and stick to one particular trend, but blending different textiles is where you really get to have fun. It’s okay to experiment with your home and find out what works for you. For example, pairing a nest of tables in unfinished wood with a Scandinavian sheepskin rug is perfectly acceptable. Mix your fabrics and furniture and see what you can come up with. Splash your personality throughout your home and you could just start the newest interior design trend.



There was a time when designers would have steered clear of terracotta, branding it tacky and unusable in interior design. However, it’s making a huge come back. In accordance with years’ natural trends, terracotta can offer something most other colors and materials can’t. There’s a reason it’s often found in Spanish homes. It exudes a type of warmth you can rarely find in interior design. If you were to think of a material that could make your home feel like you’re on holiday instantly, it would be terracotta tile. Pair terracotta with other earthy tones to achieve a rustic and modern space.



Clutter is out, minimalistic living is in! It’s been in trend for a while now and it’s not going anywhere else fast. The idea of minimalistic living is to take up less space, so you need to find creative ways of storing your belongings. The furniture of the future is something to be behold, with designers coming up with ways for your furniture to be versatile. For example, one Japanese designer has created a seating area that can fold and bend into different shapes, offering its user the advantage of a single chair when alone and a sofa when entertaining. In order to be a minimalist, you have to train yourself to become unattached to things you own.


Artist Furniture

It’s time to stop looking at your furniture as practical purchases. Your artwork doesn’t just have to hang on the wall. Purchasing a chair that has artistic value could make all the difference to your room. That way, you have a piece of artwork that also serves a purpose. Keep an eye out for furniture that has strong statement fabrics or antique furniture that can tell a story.


Peace and Tranquility

Your home should be a haven; somewhere you can retire to at the end of a working day and feel totally relaxed. Sometimes, creating that kind of tranquillity requires a bit of theatrics. For example, although you may not be much of a reader, having an exquisite library can add to your homes charm. You could also create a unique art collection or a collection of classical music. Try and decorate with a sense of worldliness, so you feel like you’re on holiday every time you walk through the door.


Creating a luxury home interior for 2017 is about bringing everything that’s good for you inside. What could be better than the natural elements and the feeling of total relaxation?


Image Credits: Photo credit: Jinka Zamah.