Buying and moving into a new home is an exciting thing for anybody. But just because it is yours does not mean that it feels like home straight away. The blank canvas may seem a little alien and overwhelming, especially if this is the first property you have bought. If you are particularly drawn to a rustic feel, you may think it is impossible to create this look in such a new house. But this is actually an ideal opportunity to create a cozy and inviting home that you can thoroughly enjoy living in. Here are three ways you can quickly create an authentic rustic feel in your brand new home.


Change how you shop: While it’s easy to just buy at home decor stores, you may find that you are limited with your choice of vintage and rustic pieces. While some of these sources produce some incredible replicas, it’s always better to go for the real thing if you can. To find these treasures, you need to change how and where you shop. Online auction sites such as eBay are brilliant for sourcing unique, one-off pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. Also, never disregard second-hand stores and rummage sales. You can often find beautiful furniture and accents for a fraction of the price. You can also shop at the homes of your friends and family. If they have a basement or attic full of junk, take a look and see what you can find. Always look for upcycling and repurposing opportunities and see the beauty in even the most beaten up items.


Try out some DIY: The Rustic look has plenty of charm and character due to the use of distressed wood, old furniture and emphasis on functionality. One of the best ways of achieving this in your home is by building and creating your decor from scratch. Maybe you have some metal poles and planks of wood that could be turned into a shelving unit. Or maybe you could sew some new drapes and knit your own blankets. Use the skills you have or develop new ones to create functional decor and furniture that emphasizes the look you want to achieve.


Small touches make all the difference: Even the smallest of details can make all of the difference when it comes to home decor. So carefully consider how you can add your little touches and enhance your space instead of distracting from it. You could change the light fittings and bulbs with some vintage style options from iLighting. Or you could get rid of your modern frames and place your family photographs and artwork in more rustic frames from Etsy instead. Your storage options may be too modern, so why not replace them with vintage wooden crates and woven baskets. These minor details will bring the look together and create a more authentic feel.


Use interiors magazines and websites like to gain more inspiration for your rustic home. If done well, it can turn your brand new home into one that is full of life and character.