Cutting-edge Austrian and German engineering and technology have fused in spectacular style to create C SEED 201, the world’s largest and fully ground retractable 3D LED outdoor cinema with a massive screen measuring 201 inches. At the touch of a button – and within 40 seconds – the TV column launches from its underground shaft, reaches its full height of 15 feet, and releases seven silently unfolding panels which interlock to form a seamless screen that comes alive with ultra-high resolution images in vivid color for HDTV, movies, sporting events and games. The revolutionary TV offers flawless picture quality, even in direct sunlight. And when the show is over, the C SEED 201 retracts into the ground as magically as it appears. Created by the visionary Porsche Design Studio, this award-winning masterpiece of technology and craftsmanship is now in production in limited numbers for a discerning global clientele. Outdoor entertaining will never be the same again.