Selling your home is not the only reason to fix up the exterior; you may simply want to make your ocean home more attractive and distinctive. While it is possible to spend a great deal of money redoing the outside of your home, you can also do this inexpensively and achieve absolutely fantastic results. Living on the coast means that your home is open to the elements. The sea air corrodes paint and makes ocean homes look tired and worn faster than those inland, so here are 5 relatively easy and fast ways to perk up any home.

1. Painting your home can be the difference between night and day for how your exterior looks. Over time, paint ages and will peel and crack.  Usually, new paint can be applied over old as long as you do a bit of scraping. You might also consider trying a new color on the house with a contrasting paint for the trim. For more tips on this, see Choosing Exterior Paint Colors.

beautiful summer beach house with the sun shining on it2. Even if your home does not need new paint, it can probably use a good washing. While many people think this means using a pressure washer, you might get better results with simpler tools. One of the problems with pressure washers is that they can force water behind your siding.  Pressure washers can even damage the siding itself. You can get good results by using a soft brush with an extension handle, a bucket of sudsy water, and your garden hose. When you start washing your home, begin at the bottom and work your way to the top. To rinse, use your hose at the top of the building and work down. If you have mildew on the siding, you will need to remove it with a bleach solution before washing. Rinse the bleach off before the actual washing begins.

3. In all probability your front entry can stand a bit of pepping up. Try adding some new lighting fixtures – there are a number of styles from traditional to modern to choose from, and these can be a quick fix for the exterior.  Besides lighting, you can also add some container plants. Tubs with bright flowers or stately dwarf evergreens will really draw the eye. If your front door is beginning to show its age, a new one can make a real difference in how your home looks, to.

4. There is hardly anything that adds to the appearance of any home more than flowers. Although you can always take the time and effort to put in flower beds around the house, it can be much easier and faster to use hanging baskets and window boxes.  Most nurseries have a great range of colorful flowers that are perfect specimens for use in hanging baskets. All that will be necessary will be to add some brackets to the house itself or onto the porch and hang up the basket. Window boxes are also easy to install and fill with your favorite plants. These bright quick fixes will really smarten up the appearance of any house.

5. If you have a deck or patio, an awning can provide a quick and attractive fix that not only makes your home look better, but helps you get more out of your addition. Patios and decks are a great way to enjoy your outdoor furniture, but often are unusable either because it’s raining or they are baking in the sun. An awning will make these areas an extra, outdoor room, allowing you and your family to enjoy your yard more.   These awnings can be either extended or retracted by a hand crank or by motor. The motorized awnings will cost a good deal more than those operated by hand.

Robert is a freelance writer for Bridgman who supply Rattan garden furniture.

Image Credit: Chuck Felix