For many of us, taking a bath is one of the most relaxing ways of throwing off the cares of the day. Soaking in the tub is about cleansing the mind as well as the body, and a bath with a spirit-lifting view makes the process even more therapeutic. Many of these homeowners are lucky enough to have spectacular views overlooking the countryside, city or ocean, but others have created their own relaxing settings using natural elements such as plants, water features and pebbles. Take a tour of these international baths and see if they inspire you to create a haven of your own.

Bathrooms That Transform Homes Into Havens


1. Looking Out Across a Lush Ravine in Mexico

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Type of tub: Freestanding tub overlooking nature

Home: Contemporary year-round residence for a family of four

Architect: Lopez Duplan Arquitectos


Lopez Duplan Arquitectos, original photo on Houzz


This bathroom, in a house in western Mexico City, looks out over a lush, wooded ravine. As part of an overall home renovation, Lopez Duplan Arquitectos redesigned the third-story master bath around the spectacular views. Sand-colored marble and an uninterrupted wall of glass frame the tree-canopy view the family gazes out on when relaxing on the weekends or getting ready for work during the week.

The free-standing tub sits in the center of it all. Its sleek shape and dramatic faucet complete the scene without detracting from the view. A glassed-in shower is just steps away.

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2. Taking in a View of the Ocean in Denmark

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Type of tub: Unpolished-oak tub made of wood from a local forest

Home: Villa with a large terrace

Architect: Space CPH


Space CPH ARCHITECTURE & INTERIOR, original photo on Houzz


The bath on this terrace outside the master bedroom was designed to take in the splendid views of the sea off northern Copenhagen. It’s used mostly in the summer, when the owner lies in the tub to cool off. It’s also great when the weather is a little cooler (but not too cold!) and it’s filled with hot water.

The owner doesn’t add any products to the bath; he simply loves having a small pool of water on his terrace. It’s more for keeping warm or cooling off than for washing with soap.

The bath is made from local wood that fits the surroundings, and it’s placed discreetly so the owner can relax while enjoying the view.


3. Unwinding with a Panoramic City View in Spain

Location: Toledo, Spain

Type of tub: Custom-made bathtub called Wave by Italian company Makro, with clever storage for towels, soap and shampoo

Home: Country house on the banks of the Tagus river

Architect: Bruno Miguélez




“The homeowner loves the whole space, especially the views of Toledo and the privacy he enjoys in this bathroom,” says architect Bruno Miguélez. “I’ve designed a contemporary and detailed space, rich in materials (from steel to wood, solid surfaces and glass) and with spectacular views. But what the owner likes the most is the Turkish bath.”

All the spaces in the house are oriented to the picturesque views of the city. The bathroom is part of the main bedroom, open to a big terrace. The wooden floor gives a touch of warmth to the space.


4. Making the Most of a Stunning Scene in Germany

Location: Rostock, northeastern Germany

Type of tub: Egg-shaped free-standing tub with a custom-built surround

Home: Penthouse flat of 3,229 square feet (300 square meters), plus a 753-square-foot (70-square-meter) terrace

Architect: Baustudio Kastl


baustudio kastl, original photo on Houzz


When the owner of this bathroom, a businessman, floats in his tub, the harbor of Rostock, an international port city since the 11th century, stretches beneath him and he can see the Warnow river flowing into the Baltic Sea.

“It was clear pretty quickly that the freestanding tub should be positioned in front of the window — the view of the water and the city was simply too gorgeous!” recalls interior architect Heiko Kastl, who runs Baustudio Kastl. He and his wife, Peggy, designed the interior of the flat.

Peggy designed the adjacent divan bed, which serves as a relaxation area for the sauna on the other side of the room. For the upholstery, she chose a special leather normally used on yachts.

They used travertine on the floor, thermo-treated wood to cover the radiators and Oro tiles by Bisazza on the pillar. There’s a TV hidden in the mirror, but it’s probably safe to assume it doesn’t compete with the view out the window.


5. Bathing in Style in the UK

Location: Berkshire, England

Type of tub: Marble-clad whirlpool bath

Home: New-build contemporary property

Architect: Gregory Phillips Architects


Gregory Phillips Architects, original photo on Houzz


This luxurious bathroom was designed by Gregory Phillips Architects as the ultimate “room with a view.” When planning this new-build home in the Berkshire countryside, Phillips worked closely with the owners to ensure that the family home connected seamlessly with the landscape.

The marble-clad whirlpool tub is positioned right in front of the floor-to-ceiling window to maximize the beautiful view. The owners use the bath regularly and love how it makes them feel as if they’re “in the landscape.” Phillips has used luxurious natural materials in a muted palette. The clean architectural lines of the Statuario marble-clad walls, sleek stainless steel and frameless glass also serve to focus the attention on the lush countryside.

Shelving and bathroom storage are concealed behind a mirrored wall, which reflects the landscape back into the space.


6. Lazing by the Water in Canada

Location: Sechelt, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Type of tub: Contemporary freestanding tub overlooking the ocean

Home: Weekend retreat for a designer and her husband

Architect: Kevin Simoes


Streamline Design Ltd. – Kevin Simoes, original photo on Houzz


For this 6-foot (1.8-meter) -wide master bathroom along Canada’s west coast, designer Kevin Simoes maintained a sense of privacy without getting in the way of the oceanfront, tree-filled view by cantilevering out a small bay in the bathroom’s corner. “The arbutus tree, mature firs and the spectacular setting were hard to beat,” he says. “I think the picturesque setting and spectacular ocean view set the stage.”

The bathroom highlights the freestanding Victoria & Albert bathtub, with everything else designed around it. Clean lines and bright white are set against the home’s wood tones and the blue of the ocean. “It’s the perfect spot for them to relax and unwind after a busy working week,” Simoes says. A wall niche makes room for candles, wine and bubble bath to complete the scene.

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