Scrolling through my Instagram feed recently, I spied Reese Witherspoon wearing a darling flamingo dress and Neiman Marcus touting a dazzling new Judith Leiber flamingo bag. It confirmed what I suspected — flamingos are back in style. And when it comes to home design, it’s been a roller-coaster ride for the flamboyant birds.

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Flamingo 1: Flair Custom Interior Style, original photo on Houzz


In the Yard

Almost immediately after Union Products sculptor Don Featherstone designed a pink plastic flamingo in 1957, his cheerful tropical birds adorned many yards. But then they hit the tipping point and became a symbol of tackiness.

Now the yard flamingo is not so much tacky as it is beloved iconic kitsch. And all kinds of renderings of the Phoenicopterus ruber are having an even bigger moment than when a flamboyance of them graced the dramatic opening credits of Miami Vice. We’ll take a look at how they are adding happy touches all over the house.


Flamingo 2: Kimberly Godfrey Art, original photo on Houzz


In the Living Room

A large flamingo painting sets the tone in this colorful living room and surely is a conversation starter.

Painting: Kimberly Godfrey Art


Flamingo 3: PS Interiors Group, original photo on Houzz


In the Nursery

This particular flamingo wallcovering isn’t as bold as the previous one and adds softness and whimsy to all the walls in this room.The amount of white space and color blocking make this playful, themed room more sophisticated.

Wallpaper: Flamingos 95/8045, Cole & Son


Flamingo 4: Farrow & Ball, original photo on Houzz


In the Bathroom

Here the Audubon flamingo has been printed onto tile. The accent wall has become quite the topic of conversation in this Victorian home, and the homeowner says it’s one of those love-it-or-hate-it kinds of things. (She loves it, which is all that matters.)

Flamingo tiles, Surface View

Place a flamingo sculpture in an unexpected place. If you don’t have room for a standing version, try a smaller one on a windowsill for plenty of charm.


Flamingo 5: Company C, original photo on Houzz

Outdoor Rugs Decked Out in Your Favorite Designs


On the Porch

Roll out a flamingo rug on your sunporch or indoor/outdoor spaces. The saturated colors of this rug flood a room with tropical cheer. This particular rug is durable enough to use on a screened-in porch or covered porch.

Rug: Company C


Flamingo 6:  flippingdiaries, original photo on Houzz


In and Around the Pool

Giant pool float swans and rainbow unicorns are almost ubiquitous these days. But it takes a special floater to opt for the pink flamingo.

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