Call me old school, but I’ve always had a thing for that most classic of home design motifs: the pineapple. This showy fruit has symbolized hospitality for centuries, and for me, seeing a pineapple on a lamp, wallpaper or planter in a home translates to a warm sense of welcome that I can’t resist.

Although some people dismiss pineapple patterns as a relic of ’80s prep, in truth they transcend trends. They’re especially big here in the Southern U.S., where hospitality is a point of pride, but there’s no region or design style with which they don’t get along. From fabric to finials, they continue to show up in stylish new accents that suit all kinds of decor — check out the examples below.


Pineapple 1: Elizabeth Dinkel, original photo on Houzz


Although a bamboo mirror frame underscores the tropical air of the pineapple-print wallpaper, this bathroom still feels mannerly and proper.


Pineapple 2: Tropical Staircase, original photo on Houzz


A pineapple-bedecked stair rail adds a flourish to a very traditional entry.


Pineapple 3: Cristi Holcombe Interiors LLC, original photo on Houzz


Exotic flowers look just right for a pineapple-shaped planter. Its organic form contrasts with the geometric, angular lamps and console table.

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Pineapple 4: By Design LTD, original photo on Houzz


A stylized pineapple design takes the intimidation out of this imposing gate.


Pineapple 5: Shannon Malone, original photo on Houzz


In a space that recasts fishing lures as wall art and houses a blended family of accent pieces, a pineapple finial on the banister feels entirely appropriate.


Pineapple 6: Margaret Donaldson Interiors, original photo on Houzz


This beautiful, subtle take on carved pineapples adds texture to a monochromatic space