Paint the Outside

Simple it may be, but a sure fire way of increasing the value of your home is to give it a bit of a facelift. Painting the outside so it looks fresh and new can make a massive difference to the first impression that your property makes.

Remember first impressions count. So, if you have anything on the outside of the building that is looking worn or old, make sure to deal with this on a regular basis.



As it’s not always connected to the home, the garage can sometimes be a bit neglected. However, this won’t help you to get more money for your home should you wish to sell it. There are several options you can consider to improve the garage area.

The first is keeping it as a storage space but installing shelves for organization and sturdy garage doors for safety. They will also protect against the weather as well.  

The second choice is to convert the garage space into something like a games room or man cave. This can certainly be a boon to a lot of buyers, as you are adding extra square footage to the livable space in your home, without building an extension.


Landscape Gardens

Homeowners often choose to develop the land on their property. But another wise investment option is put in landscape gardens. Having attractive and manageable outside space is vital to some buyers. This is especially so with larger properties.

Remember, people enjoy the sense of space that a bigger property gives the. They will want to see that reflected in the amount and quality of garden that comes with it. No one wants a mansion that is 2 feet away from the next house.


Better Security

Safety and security is a major issue these days. Our homes are meant to feel like our castles, but if we live in fear of break-ins and burglaries hey can feel anything but.

That is why a sensible investment in your property might take the form of upgrading your security provision. Lockable windows, CCTV cameras, and a silent alarm system can all make you, and your potential buyers feel safer on their property. Right now, safety is something that sells.


Hot Tub & Saunas

Adding a bit of luxury to your home can also help up its market value. People love good quality bathrooms. Wet rooms, double showers, and sunken baths are all extremely on trend at the moment.

Some homeowners install hot tubs and saunas in the homes. What potential buyer could resist the opportunity of such luxury as that?