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4032Windows are not only your home’s source of natural light and ventilation. Quality windows can make a huge difference in other important parts of your life – everything from keeping your family safe and secure … to impressing guests … to the size of your energy bills. Pella is your premier choice for windows and doors that meet the challenges – and maximize the joy – of coastal living. Here are eight great ways new Pella® windows and doors will make every day a little brighter.

1. Safety and impact resistance – Today’s innovative glass technology means you can say goodbye to the hassles of storm shutters and unsightly plywood. Pella windows and patio doors with HurricaneShield® impact-resistant glass provide advanced impact resistance and strength – helping to prevent damage and injury caused by wind, water and debris entering your home during a storm. And rest assured, they meet stringent coastal building codes.*

2. Better energy efficiency – Replace your old windows and you’ll send less money to the utility company each month. Most Pella windows and patio doors with HurricaneShield impact-resistant glass meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® guidelines in coastal areas.

3. Greater comfort – New Pella windows and patio doors help eliminate stuffy rooms and hot spots in your home – they help keep warm air out and cool air in so you’re more comfortable no matter the weather.

4. Improved aesthetics and curb appeal – Think about it. Windows and doors are the only building materials that impact the beauty of your home’s interior and its exterior. On the outside, Pella windows and patio doors are available in virtually endless color choices so they can blend with your home’s exterior or become stunning focal points. Inside your home, the warmth of wood and fine-furniture detailing enhance your décor – it’s a look that says “quality.”

5. Lower maintenance – Put away your paintbrush – today’s wood windows are available with low-maintenance exteriors that don’t need painting so they look great for years. Pella’s optional seacoast-worthy EnduraClad® exterior finish also provides added durability against salt spray**. Plus, the stainless-steel operating hardware and hinges on Pella products are resistant to rust and corrosion – even in demanding seacoast environments. And you can lose the ladder, too. Pella’s easy-clean features allow you to clean the outside window glass from inside your house.

6. Increased sun and privacy control – Pella’s Low-E insulating glass blocks out most of the sun’s harmful UV rays – to help protect your furniture, carpet and window treatments from fading. Or choose tinted window glass to control glare and provide additional privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms.
7. Noise reduction – Pella’s HurricaneShield® impact-resistant glass dramatically cuts outside noise like traffic and lawnmowers so you can enjoy a more peaceful indoor environment.

8. Easier ventilation control – Pella’s innovative high-transparency window screens allow more light and air into your home. And retractable window and patio door screens disappear when you don’t need them – maximizing your ocean view.

If you’re considering window and door replacement, think of Pella. We’ve been an industry leader in window and door innovation for more than 80 years. For more information, visit us on the Web at pella.com.

*Building codes vary depending on your location. Refer to your local codes for specific details. **See the Pella Owner’s Manual for routine maintenance required in coastal environments.