You are a coastal homeowner. Months ago, you made the decision to build a stunning swimming pool, an elegant addition to your outdoor space, and now the project is complete.  You’re about to swim for the first time, the ocean as a dramatic backdrop. One last question: What’s in your water?

Drakeley Pool Company, a luxury swimming pool construction firm based in Connecticut, equips almost every pool they build with organic ozone sanitation. This system harnesses the cleansing power of oxygen in the surrounding air, the very same process through which the atmosphere cleans itself.

“Our clients lead intentional lives,” says Lily Samuels, vice president of Drakeley Pool Company. “They care about health and wellness and are mindful of what they put in their bodies. So it makes perfect sense that they care about the kind of water they’re swimming in.”

For many homeowners, chlorine as a sanitizer isn’t even up for discussion. A 2015 study conducted by MetrixLab found eight out of 10 consumers showed some level of anxiety about chlorine—a nearly 30% increase from 2010.

And salt water, often considered the ultimate option for a natural swimming environment, isn’t truly chemical free.

Bill Drakeley, principal, explains the science: “Salt generators convert sodium chloride (salt) to hypochlorous acid in a gas form, a byproduct of all chlorine products. This increases the electrical charge of the water. It’s harsh on clients’ skin, their bathing suits, and even on the swimming pool itself.”

Not so with ozone. By the time the water returns to the pool, it is odorless, pure, and in some cases drinkable. For Drakeley’s clients, the choice is obvious.

“This is the same technology used to sanitize bottled water–it’s unparalleled.”