For Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino, the best way to return from a beach vacation is to feel like you never left.

Most of you may know Alexis Bellino from The Real Housewives of Orange County, but her friends and family know her as a loving wife and mother of three, smitten with the beach environment she calls home. With a new house in South Orange County, California, the Missouri native opens up to Ocean Home about her new oceanfront estate, at-home entertaining, and, of course, her ideal day at the beach.

What drew you to buy a house on the beach? Who doesnÂ’t sleep better with ocean breezes coming in their window at night? ItÂ’s also great entertainment for the kids and for our friends. I always loved the casualness of beach culture and aspired to live by the beach when I was growing up in Missouri.

What are your familyÂ’s favorite beach activities and ocean pastimes? With the kids the age they are, itÂ’s chasing the waves. We put on our swimsuits and wait for the waves to come, and then as soon as they come, we run back to the shore. The kids are a little intimidated by the size of the waves; they donÂ’t have the nerve to dive right in yet. We also play with sand toys and build sand castles and have lunches on the beach.

What do you love most about living near the beach? I am definitely a beach person. This is our second home on the water. ItÂ’s a great lifestyle, waking up to the ocean in the morning and seeing the sun set on the water at night.

If you had to pick any other beach destination in the world to live, where would it be? Tahiti. Even though I have never been, itÂ’s somewhere I have always wanted to go and fantasized about spending time. Maybe when the kids are all grown up, [husband] Jim and I will run off to Tahiti for a year!

Does your home remind you of your favorite beach destination? Yes! Even when I go on vacation, I love coming home because it still feels like a vacation. When you first walk in the front door, you are immediately surrounded by ocean views, and the back of the house is filled with windows facing the Pacific. ThereÂ’s a fire pit out back where we make sÂ’mores with the kids, or Jim and I will sit out there and watch the sunset together.

Do you plan to entertain guests at your new home? Absolutely! At Christmas time, we always have a big holiday party. We also host more intimate dinner parties at our home about once a month. Occasionally, weÂ’ve done cocktail parties with themes. We love to entertain.

What is your recipe for a perfect beach day? 75 degrees, walk to the coffee shop, then walk down to the beach and have a picnic and play with the kids. After, weÂ’d get cleaned up and have dinner outside before watching the sun set out on the water.

The Details: Location: Orange County, CA; Bedrooms: 5; Bathrooms: 6; Square feet: 7,500; Parking: 8-car garage.