The Bahama Islands, a winter paradise without question but summer time is magical as well.  The crowds are gone though the islands are never that crowded and the warm long summer days have arrived. Children are out of school and it’s time to explore the wonders of nature in our sleepy islands.

Cape Santa Maria nestled on the northern point of Long Island in the southern Bahamas is the ultimate family adventure. Miles of sun bleached, coral sand beaches and gin clear waters will dazzle adults and children alike.  You are only limited by your imagination.

Snorkle with the kids, explore ocean caves, fish the endless flats or just chill out in a coconut palm shaded hammock.

True adventurers should hire a car from some of the locals. Any old beater will do as many of the local roads are narrow sandy tracts or rough trails, but donÂ’t let this deter you as following these can lead to true natural wonders.

There are many such examples. NewtonÂ’s Harbor and The Columbus monument located on the northern most tip of Long Island will stun visitors with their raw natural beauty. The harbor mouth opens onto the Atlantic ocean through two high limestone cliffs guarded at the base by a maze of glistening mustard yellow stag horn coral and purple and orange sea fans. Once inside the daily currents have etched a narrow tributary into the sandy bottom that meanders between shell covered sand bars and mangroves ending up in a massive green blue pool the size of 10 football fields. Here the water is always calm as NewtonÂ’s is surrounded by low hills on all sides and thus is home to numerous juvenile sea creatures. Sea turtles abound along with giant box fish, young bonefish, Atlantic puffer fish and sting rays so bring your snorkeling gear plus a pair of flip flops or dive bootyÂ’s.

Once you have finished diving go for a stroll on the flats or climb the face of the tallest limestone cliff to the Columbus monument and Lighthouse where all these sightÂ’s can be seen and photographed from high above.
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