There are many characteristics that make up a luxury home. Size, number of rooms, high end amenities, and design are only a few. With space and freedom to craft your home into whatever you desire, it is important to not overlook the simple details. Simple, yet necessary details that will take your home from high end to show stopping.

Barabara Jacobs of Silk Road Weaves can get you to that level. “Supportive color is beautiful color,” according to Barbara Jacobs, architectural color consultant and rug designer. Barbara’s philosophy that carries through all her design projects—including her rug designs—is that “color” should have a function as well as just be beautiful on its own.  As a color consultant for over 20 years and a rug designer for more than 6 years, Barbara has creative expertise encompassing more than just the floor. Special education in applied color psychology is just a small part of what she brings to any project. Barbara’s original designs for Silk Road Weaves – vision + artistry in fine Tibetan rugs—offer a wide variety of colors and design styles. A fine artist at heart and in practice, in developing her rug designs she creates each piece as a work of art on its own. That’s why you don’t see simply “color-1, color-2, color-3” for each design. However, each design is completely customizable

  • Color and fiber
  • Size and shape
  • Special requests and bespoke designs
  • Do you need more than one rug, having related designs but made in varied—even unusual— shapes?
  • If you want to omit the silk and make a rug all wool (or, the other way around), that’s possible as well.

Barbara Jacobs

 Fibers used: Long-fiber Himalayan wool, silk, allo (giant Himalayan nettle), and other plant fibers. Barbara resides in Massachusetts and has design clients nationwide. Contact Barbara Jacobs tel: 508-472-8105 Silk Road Weaves Barbara Jacobs Color and Design –