Although Puerto Rico’s luxurious cliffside property Castle of Rincon isn’t new to the real estate market (it’s been listed since February), you can still be the king of your own castle for less than $5 million.

Forbes real estate reporter Morgan Brennan recently wrote an inside exclusive on the property, profiling some of its most luxurious features from the lookout tower to the helicopter landing pad, as well as its wind turbines and solar-powered energy panels, which make the castle not only luxurious, but eco-friendly as well.

The Castle of Rincon sits atop a remote mountain peak on the west coast of Rincon, Puerto Rico, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The 10,000 square foot fortress was originally constructed by owner Gary Hellings who purchased Palatine Hill in 2005 as the panoramic backdrop for his vision to building the perfect palatial getaway.

Inside, there is more than comfortable living space with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a spacious hall room able to seat 100 guests. The medieval-themed inspiration is obvious throughout the property from the winding staircases to the fortress-like walls to its armored knight which stands on guard in the library. Outside, you can take a dip in the heated in-ground pool or take a trip to the lookout tower from where you can take in breathtaking views of the valley and beachfront. Beyond the castle itself, the property spans 55 acres including added amenities such as the guest house, a three-car garage with an attached wine cellar, barn facilities, as well as a helicopter landing pad reachable from the driveway.

This exclusive property is listed for $4.8 million.