For 38-year-old attorney Andrew Thomka-Gazdik, Palm Beach is the ideal coastal playground—but it’s also home.

Palm Beach is known the world over as a sun-drenched paradise, an exclusive enclave that’s rife with shops bearing ultra-luxe brands, highways crawling with the sexiest and most expensive cars on the market, world-class restaurants, and some of the planet’s most eye-popping real estate. For 38-year-old attorney Andrew Thomka-Gazdik of the firm Stromberg and Tarone, PLC, this earthly paradise is also where he lives and works. Gazdik talks to Ocean Home about striking a balance between work and play in this glamorous corner of the globe.

You’ve lived in Europe and also Canada, where you were born, and have studied in the North and Northeast, but you came back to Florida to practice law. What drew you back?

The quality of life. We live in paradise. Palm Beach has the reputation of being a “resort-town” destination, but in fact, it’s a vibrant close-knit community that has great restaurants, water-geared activities, and, of course, the weather. You can’t beat 70 degrees in December!

What do you love most about life in Palm Beach?

Not only is it a pristinely beautiful place, but it’s clean, safe, friendly, and has an overall relaxed, easy-going vibe that allows you to enjoy the perks of living on an island, without having the whole “island-time” mentality.

If we spent a weekend with you in Palm Beach, what would it be like?

I absolutely love to entertain. Hosting a dinner party with great friends is my ideal Saturday evening. Also, the notion of sunset cocktails is really taken to a new level here!

What does Palm Beach have that makes it special, and what keeps you there?

The ability to take advantage of the weather, scenery and island living. To be able to play tennis or golf at a moment’s notice, or hop in the ocean. It seems that there are more hours in the day down here.

Favorite hangouts in Palm Beach?

Buccan and Cucina are two of my go-to spots for a great dinner (fresh seafood, etc.) and lively nightlife scene.

You’ve got a background in real estate and real estate law, as well. Living in Palm Beach must be like living in a candy store for a kid.

Palm Beach real estate is unique unto itself. Whether it’s a quaint pied-a-terre, bungalow, or sprawling mansion, Palm Beach has something for everyone. It has been a retreat for many snow birds, as well as a solid investment for those looking to put down roots here. 

What are your toys of choice for enjoying the coastal life in Palm Beach?

Anything goes down here, from converted former U.S. Mail Delivery Jeeps to Maybachs, but I’m a little more practical with a Range Rover, especially as I plan on taking up paddle boarding and will need to lug that tall board around.