When it comes to finding the ultimate beach cruiser, it’s nearly impossible to top a vintage Land Rover Defender. The classic D90 has the power to pull through almost any terrain and it has tough-but-smart good looks that will turn heads wherever you go. Meanwhile, the 4-door D110 is a full-on beach fun wagon that is as at home on a safari as it on the dunes of Nantucket.

The problem is it’s not easy to find a vintage Land Rover. And it’s virtually impossible to find one that runs like new and has been customized to your exact specifications. So that’s where the team of Land Rover lovers at Arkonik come in. They don’t just restore classic Defenders. First, they find vehicles that are worthy of restoration. Then they strip them down to the frame, build them back up better than new, and then customize them according to what their passionate customers desire.

How passionate are their customers? Current wait time for a “new” model is 16 months. But that could include a trip to the Arkonik headquarters and the birthplace of the Defender in the UK. If you love these classic crusiers as much as I do, it’ll be well worth the wait.

Image Credits: Arkonik.