If you own a luxury property, you want to keep it in the best condition possible. This isn’t just about the resale; it’s about making sure a luxury home is a luxurious place to live. Unfortunately, when winter rolls around the weather can do severe damage to a property. It can cause a whole host of problems and issues. Here are a few of these issues and what you can do about them.


Blocked Gutters

Out of all the problems that can occur around your house at winter, this is perhaps the easiest to fix. Before the winter leaves fall off the trees around your home. This can be a nuisance to keeping your garden tidy and play havoc with your gutters. Blocked gutters can lead to other issues as well. They tend to start to smell, and the water can clog up against your house. This could lead to damage to your walls. So what are your options? Well, you could make sure you trim the trees back before the winter weather arrives. But, if hindsight has failed you, you may have to go up and unblock them yourself. This is a dangerous job, and you’d be surprised how many people end up in hospital simply trying to unclog their pipes. To avoid this, there’s another solution you can try. You can install a gutter card. Gutter Shutter gutter guards are brilliant as they allow you to completely cover the gutter. That way nothing solid can fall into them, but they still do their job.


Garden Flooding

We know many homeowners hate to look out their window and see a soggy lawn. It’s unsightly, but that’s not why you should take action against excessive water in your backyard. Garden flooding can damage your house. If the water is building up underground, it might be pushing against the outside of your home. When this occurs water can damage the foundations of your basement. It could even cause water to seep into the lower levels of your home. The best-recommended solution? Get a permeable solution laid down underneath your lawn. That way water will sink away as it should. It’s a costly procedure but one worth considering if you live in an area with heavy rain.


Cold Homes

If you live in a large home, it can take forever to heat up and even then, still feel quite chilly. Typically, this is due to poor insulation in the home. If you want to fix this, you should have a look at your windows. You may want to consider upgrading to double or triple pane glass. This will keep the warm air in your home for a lot longer. You might also want to get an inspection of your heating facilities. It’s not uncommon for heaters to become damaged after long periods of time without the homeowner noticing.


Using this advice, we’re sure your luxury home will cause you no problems this winter.