Glass brings a sparkling new elegance—and an edgy design—to kitchen countertops, backsplashes, bars, and more. 

Options in design are infinite, especially when it comes to home décor, but some trends seem as if they’re here to stay. Until now, that is. In a culture where granite countertops typically rule the kitchen, glass is now making a statement—and a loud one at that. Glass can be elegantly utilized as kitchen countertops, bar tops, and stairwell designs, to name just a few.

“Glass is a noble, pure material that has been out there for a long time,” says Bertrand Charest, president/certified engineer of ThinkGlass in Quebec. “People like glass; the fresh and clean feeling of it. It is one of the toughest materials out there. Plus, it’s unique and new, especially in ocean settings.”

Though some clients might have reservations about the fragility of glass—some have worried about it cracking when objects are placed on it—Charest says it’s the same thing as placing things on transluscent granite countertops because sand (the main component of glass) is essentially made from rock. It is the same specification and same idea, except the beauty of the light in the glass makes it different and unique, Charest says.

ThinkGlass specializes in unique and innovative glass designs. From kitchen countertops to backsplashes to raised bars, artist Michael Maihot revels in the beauty and utilization of the organic material. Most of Maihot’s textures are the translation of nature, from the wave of the ocean to the bark on trees, Charest says.

ThinkGlass LED lights 

The company’s most popular style is the glass kitchen countertop. The 1.5-inch glass is cut and designed to rest on top of a laminate material, which Charest says is perfectly functional because it hides fingerprints and scratches and creates a smooth and urbane finish. ThinkGlass offers the option to install LED lights underneath the glass to add peaceful yet striking beauty. The pioneer material complements the water and brings the oceanic feeling directly into shoreline homes.

“…In your kitchen at night, you can turn on nice white LED lights so your countertops are shining, but it’s still subtle and calm,” Charest says. “Your kitchen is transformed into a lounge. You can’t do that with any other material on the planet at the moment.”

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