When people think of luxury, oceanfront real estate, they typically think of homes and condos.  Is it possible to offer luxury lots?  Aldea Zama in Tulum demonstrates that it is possible.


Aldea Zama is a land development in the town of Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean  Coast, about 2 hours away from Cancun and  one hour south of Playa del Carmen, two of Mexico’s most successful oceanfront real estate markets.  Currently Aldea Zama stands out as an exemplary luxury Mexico real estate option in land purchases.


There are two main factors which make Aldea Zama “luxury.”  One is the infrastructure provided to support the lots, and the other is the design of the development on the whole.


The lots in Aldea Zama are accessed by wide, well designed access roads.  Beneath these roads is full urban infrastructure, including state-of-the-art communications wiring.  When buyers have their dream home built in Aldea Zama, it will be a fully modern home with all the best infrastructure support.


In addition to the infrastructure, the design of the community is geared toward modern convenience.  The development design includes a modern village center, which will offer trendy, international stores.


This modern lifestyle, however, will be elegantly contrasted to the backdrop of rich natural elements.  The construction of the town center will use rustic materials like stones and large pieces of wood to create contemporary buildings.  Building guidelines will also ensure that condos and homes built in the community will develop and bring out this aspect.  The village center and the community as a whole will include many trees, adding to the contemporary-rustic atmosphere.


The location is also key to the luxury concept of the area.  Although Aldea Zama is not directly on the beachfront, it is located a walk away.  The area between Aldea Zama and the beachfront is designated for the large-scale resort complex, MayaZama.  MayaZama’s main walkway, leading from Aldea Zama to the beach, will be a trendy tree-lined promenade with boutiques, restaurants and international stores.  It will end at a look-out point overlooking the white beaches and turquoise water of the Caribbean.  Alternatively, residents of Aldea Zama will be able to take water taxis along the resort’s Mayan canals.


Aldea Zama is also located directly next to TulumÂ’s downtown area.


Aldea Zama’s lots are truly luxury.  Explore the option of this modern & natural lifestyle in Tulum.


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