ohmj10_entertaining1Celebrated Miami chef Michael SchwartzÂ’s dishes on his signature pork belly.

When chef Michael Schwartz opened MichaelÂ’s Genuine Food & Drink in MiamiÂ’s Design District in 2007, it wasnÂ’t long before it took off and critics began to notice. In 2009, Schwartz was nominated as best chef in the South by the James Beard Society.

Next up is the opening of Schwartz’s second restaurant in the Grand Cayman development of Camana Bay in early summer, where he looks forward to working with local farmers and fishermen to introduce Caymanians to his menu, including his signature dish, Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly. “Absolutely everything works together in this dish,” Schwartz says of the popular appetizer. “The crunch of the peanuts, the cool kimchi, the sweet and the spicy; it’s all a complete contrast of temperature and texture.” — By Lisa Rogak

Sweet and Spicy Pork Belly
(serves 6)

1 head Napa cabbage, cut into
1/2-inch pieces
1 small red bell pepper, cored, seeded, and thinly sliced
1 small red onion, thinly sliced
1 small carrot, shredded
3/4 cup chopped mint, basil, and cilantro leaves
1 tsp. freshly grated ginger
1/3 cup Momoya Kimchi Base
Juice of 1 lime
In a large mixing bowl, combine ingredients and mix well. Cover and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Pork belly
3 lbs. skinless pork belly
1/4 cup and 2 tbsp. Momoya
Kimchi Base
1/4 cup honey
1/2 cup flour, for dredging
Vegetable oil, for frying
1 1/2 cups Kimchi for serving
1/2 cup radish sprouts
Salted and roasted peanuts,
chopped, for garnish
Trim some of fat off topside of pork. Put pork belly in a large baking dish and rub meat with Kimchi base. Marinate for 2 hours in refrigerator. Preheat the oven to 325°F. Cover pork with aluminum foil and bake 2-1/2 hours. Remove pork and transfer to a platter, cool, then refrigerate.

For the glaze, combine Kimchi base and honey and in bowl. Heat 3 inches of oil to 350?F in a deep pot. Cut pork into 6 equal pieces. Spread flour on a plate and coat all sides of the pork. Slip 3 pieces at a time into the hot oil. Fry until pork is crisp and brown on all sides, about 5 minutes. Remove pork to a platter lined with paper towels to drain.

Repeat with the remaining pork pieces. To serve, divide the Kimchi among 6 small bowls. Place pork in center. Drizzle glaze on top and sprinkle with chopped peanuts. Garnish with sprouts.