Carlisle takes the floor with a new range of luxury wide planks.

Influenced by the palette and tranquility of two popular waterfront destinations – New Hampshire’s Sunapee Lake and coastal Long Island’s Oyster Bay – Carlisle Wide Plank Floors has launched its latest luxury flooring collections.

Ranging in tones from dark gray to nutty brown, with evocative names such as Starlight, Soaring Eagle, Sunrise and Easy Chair, the top-of-the-line Sunapee Lake Collection is crafted from Eastern White Pine, known for its smooth grains and beautiful knots, and is priced at $13.99 per square foot for 11 inch planks. The Oyster Bay Collection has borrowed the hues in its color collection – Night Sky, Stone Wall, Warm Blanket, Weathered Rope, Gentle Rain and Afternoon Nap – from a natural palette ranging from deep charcoal to weathered driftwood.

Handcrafted from both Hickory and American Ash, the 8 inch wide planks are available at $17.88 per square foot. “Design trends in the luxury flooring market are evolving towards more natural grey and light beige tones with matte finishes, which almost make the wood appear unfinished,” says Carlisle’s National Sales Director Chris Sy. “The grays of the Sunapee Lake and Oyster Bay Collections embody these emerging trends and feel very authentic – almost as if the tone is coming straight out of the wood.”

Once just a hobby for the rural New Hampshire teacher who founded the company, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors today provides homeowners with a wide-ranging option of custom pine, hardwood and reclaimed floors. The company’s timber is sourced solely from locations in the US where growing conditions are optimal, to ensure that each board has the strength to last for generations. Carlisle has even developed its own proprietary SlowCraft approach to manufacturing, painstakingly inspecting every board when it arrives at the New Hampshire mill – and throughout the milling process – to discard any planks with minor flaws or imperfections.

Every floor is handcrafted and custom-made to each client’s specifications. As proud as Carlisle is of its finished flooring products that grace homes across the country, it’s just as proud of its commitment to using only premium wood at the center of select old-growth trees.

“Using only prime wood ensures the maximum vertical grain density for superior strength and long-term stability, as well as distinctive character and exceptional stain absorption,” Sy explains. This same philosophy lies behind Carlisle’s work with reclaimed wood. Since floors made from the heart of the tree have an almost limitless lifespan, Carlisle can recover wood flooring from old structures and use it to create new floors that convey a sense of history along with a uniquely rich, warm character. In fact, the company is the top supplier of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Antique Reclaimed wood in North America. “It’s another way of using all of our resources to their fullest, in order to preserve our forests, says Sy. “We do it because all our futures depend on it.”