Kitchens with an ocean view combine art with cooking – you get to see a stunning, untamed outdoor environment while you give taste to our energy source: the food we eat daily.

Explore your possibilities to transform a dull, dark kitchen into a panoramic viewing deck for the ocean landscape beyond its walls. Opening up the space will visually and spatially connect the breezy outdoor to your carefully designed interiors. Let the sunshine in!

For example, using gold transparent hanging lamps in an open oceanview kitchen like the one pictured below invites the sun inside, as in a ritual. The stunning property is located on the Pacific Coast Highway and amazes with its stone and glass architectural details. With a breathtaking view of calm waters, the “heart of the home” is part of a spacious and open ground floor. Open to the views and deck outside via dark-framed glass walls, the inviting cooking space acts as a dark visual anchor in the present. On the market for $22,5 million, the fabulous dream home was designed in harmony with its luxurious surroundings.

Glass walls are an excellent way of drawing in natural light while allowing the interiors to be flooded by the outdoor atmosphere. A kitchen that extends into the dining space with a glass wall unraveling stunning sunsets is definitely an idea to consider when designing your ocean dream home. Designed by Malibu architect Doug Burdge and interior designer Tim Clarke, the Birdview Residence above one of Malibu’s finest beaches is listed at $21 million, which makes the inspiring kitchen not only breathtaking, but also luxurious. An excellent location, perfectly manicured garden and a glass wall can be combined into what we can all see below.

Busy waters can become a source of inspiration – a kitchen capturing views of sailing boats or yachts can become the background for a dynamic art installation. Let’s say you love water, boats and ports and would like to live in the middle of your preferences. That must have been the requests for Vandeventer + Carlander Architects when designing the Lake Union Floating Home project in Seattle, Washington. The kitchen was designed to frame passing ships without interfering with the inhabitant’s privacy.

Overlooking the Californian shores, this modern kitchen has sliding doors opening to a shoreline, bringing in the breeze to accompany your cooking. The heart of the Zeidler Residence designed by Ehrlich Architects, the highly contemporary kitchen is part of an open plan also including the dining space separated from the outdoors by a thin sheet of glass. Home to a retired couple with grown children, this exceptional residence perfectly combines form and function while promoting indoor/outdoor connectivity.

This is what it all comes down to: an open ocean home kitchen soothes the body, mind and soul if allowed to offer large framed views of the nearby beaches, expanses of water or busy ports. Enjoy your beautiful oceanview kitchen!

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