Skylights should be a mandatory part of any home. The light, the atmosphere, the connection between the outdoors and living spaces should be fully exploited. More secluded ocean homes can be blessed with a stunning view of the night sky – when the city is far enough, the fascinating constellations show off. Looking at the surrounding universe through the skylight above the bed would be an evening routine I could easily get used to.

Most romantic bedrooms have that unique combination of details that create an atmosphere suited for special moments in two. Imagine having your bed under an awe-inspiring skylight. A rounded love crib under the stars, with a stunning view overlooking large expanses of water. Each time the sun shines, the bedrooms is flooded with natural light, while at night it becomes a beacon of light. No morning will ever feel the same waking up in this magnificent ocean view bedroom seen on Pinterest!


On the practical side, an entrance or hallway can be designed to filter natural light inside with the use of a carefully placed skylight. Shining down on an art installation or a an indoor water feature, blessed sunshine can create a dynamic light movement throughout the day. This lit space can be the one connecting two part of the house or it can light up a dark core from above. The example below is actually part of the Morning Star school in Mauritius, designed by NoCoffee Architects.

Two exemplary uses of skylights in the bathroom come from different homes. The first one pictured above showcases a round bathtub accompanied by a tall, elegant faucet and the charming use of wood. Renovated by LENS°ASS Architects while maintaining its original charm, this bathroom adorns the farmhouse that opens towards the rural scenery in many occasions. Upstairs, this sky lit bathroom proves that history and contemporary design can be merged to shape an inspiring bathroom design.

The shower pictured below is part of the Hillside Residence designed by Turnbull Griffin Haesloop architects – a home that gathers views of the natural surroundings from different vantage points. Piercing through the clear glass, tree crowns are the only ones disturbing the privacy when someone takes a shower. Flooded with natural light from above, the breathtaking shower is halfway between indoors and outdoors.

Matching the rest of the house, the bright kitchen displays a yellow backsplash beautifully seen under the white kitchen furniture. Following the long and narrow path underneath, a skylight provides natural light for cooking dinners for the family. The Eames chairs continue the mid-century modern appeal seen throughout the home. Part of Melissa Collison‘s design portfolio, the Vaucluse interior presents an elegant geometry seen in the choice of furniture and details. No detail was left to chance and no possibility was ignored, resulting in the creation of a bright, open and aired cooking space.

So you see, a skylight can do wonders for the interior atmosphere and keeps you connected to the outdoors night or day. Passing of seasons will no longer be ignored when you are inside – how can you ignore clouds shaped as elephants?

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