Inspiration is found all around – from sands and curiously-shaped stones on the ground, clouds that materialize and dematerialize above our heads or marine animals like corals, natural elements have been a part of our inspiration ever since we were able to understand the world around us. Taking into account these sea beauties we have come to know as corals, some creative minds have chosen their different shapes, sizes and textures to be part of their inspiration when creating functional and decorative objects in our home.

Bringing an ocean theme inside an ocean home can easily reflect love for the immediate environment – a feeling so powerful that it isn’t enough to witness outdoors, it must be invited inside, where our comfort is high and our dreams can adapt to a world of possible interpretations. By harnessing the appearance of unique shapes and textures, our homes become an interpretation of our favorite things.

Corals are one of those inimitable natural designs that has found its way into our homes. Take for example the Coral Seating by Studio Aisslinger (above) – a furniture collection bringing together sculptural sandwich modules made of felt and polycarbonate – a perfect way of hinting towards the marine life. Resembling corals in structure and offering a sturdy, comfortable and elastic seating experience, these geodetic structures are welcomed in marine-inspired home environments.

Decorating your ocean home with inspiring coral influences can mean adding the sculptural representation of a coral on your bedroom headboard or flaunting the beauty of a coral-inspired pendant lamp in the bathroom. Find new ways of communicating with your theme by finding the perfect spot for each of your coral reminders. The  Coral Lamp from Lagranja Design showcases coral-reminiscent branches in two or three colors hugging the light:”We wanted to create a light that was both visibly rich and articulated, starting from a very simple module. The module repeats itself like a fractal (a geometrical shape which is repeated throughout its structure in different sizes) and grows following the principle of nature – from simplicity to complexity”

Sea corals inspired design has been uplifted to art, creating an adaptation of our surroundings suited to display in our homes. Many decorative and functional items capture the essence of these complex, unique shapes, just as well as chairs and tables became subjects to marine inspiration. Designer Tom Haas imagined the Coral Design Chair as an eco-friendly furniture piece suited for both indoor and outdoor use. Its 100% recycled fiber-glass reinforced nylon body comes in a variety of color options that showcase the complex nature of its inspiration – the coral reef. These marine organisms show us how sophistication can become an ally of creativity and how complexity can astound our sense.

Opulence can be seen in the imitation of textured corals in silver bowls and cutlery, architectural creativity in the design of coral-inspired furniture items, artistic sense in the creation of marine-inspired paintings and sculpture – the things we need and want are right in front of us, but it depends on us whether we reach out for them or not. The elegant and modern porcelain Coral Vase from Coe&Waito (pictured below) is finished in a dreamy clear glaze, echoing the perfect combination between thought and matter. Wood, plastic, concrete and many other materials can become representations of marine life in the hands of creative artists and artisans.
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