For whoever likes heading out to the ocean pursuing an extraordinary feeling, the yacht itself is a second home. Visited every time you need to escape the world, a luxury yacht like the Red Pearl promotes a luxurious lifestyle shaping many sailor dreams. Designers of MCP Yachts describe this fantastic project of theirs as an exquisite blend of classy elegance and modern technology:

“Red Pearl is the result of a highly customized project for a demanding Russian client. Exquisite painting, a fine piano on the game room, LED lightning and NAIAD zero speed system are some examples of the specific features in this project. The most modern construction technology bond together with a superb interior design and decoration to support maximum comfort, sophistication and safety to travel all oceans.”

On the outside, the luxury yacht Red Pearl cuts the water with a sleek shape and surprises with a bold yet elegant red tone obvious in its name. Recreational sailing transcends into the world of creativity, becoming an excuse to go out on the ocean more often. Accentuating the white foam with its pristine dynamic deck, the luxurious yacht imposes its unique look in any harbor.


The main deck provides a large space for entertaining, making evening trips across water memorable. A dining table seating up to 6 people comfortably invites you to enjoy the breeze and witness distant city lights reflect their glow across the mirroring surface. Dark-framed sliding glass doors open to reveal the living space and bar beyond. A set of stairs leads to the upper deck, subtly showcasing their wooden steps.

Inside, the feeling of coziness is only surpassed by a striking visual appeal. A sofa and two armchairs opposing each other are close enough to maintain a conversation going.  As much as 10 people can dine inside, while the adjacent bar provides a continuous flow of beverages to keep you hydrated. Wooden floors define a corridor leading to illuminated stairs taking your further into the dreamy interiors.

The spacious upstairs presents itself as a classy collection of fine furniture, culminating with a black piano placed under the spotlight. If you’re in the mood for a challenging game of chess, the small rounded chess table welcomes you surrounded by four dark chairs. A sofa and bar ensure the comfort a traveler searches for when faced with such a luxurious recreational opportunity. The kitchen, on the other hand, is compact and carefully planned to ensure maximum flexibility. Long and narrow, the well-lit kitchen looks out to the water through two large windows.

The private bedrooms compose a fairy-tale atmosphere. In the first bedroom pictured below, soft smart lighting reflects in the glossy surrounding walls and furniture, while the large bed doesn’t seem to consume the space, rather offer an island of perfect comfort. Another bedroom mirrors the pristine bedsheets in a framed TV, constructing a more dynamic interior design. Dark wood adorns the white walls and defines a line in the ceiling, contrasting in style with the previous bedroom. A third bedroom showcases two separate beds, divided by a mirror and nightstand. Glossy gold-colored surroundings shape an inviting atmosphere. Cradled by the motion of the yacht, sleep will be comforting and dreams will wonder towards amazing lands.

Bathrooms are elegant and bright, with large mirrors constructing a visually larger space. Luxurious shower cabins featuring relaxing seats ensure long showers in two are followed by a comfortable sleep. In the morning, short showers will leave you feeling energized and lead you to the deck, where sunshine caresses sparkling waters all around the Red Pearl.

Fresh from the shower, the breeze wakes you up while the salty air fills your lungs. Glass railings avoid obstructing the views, so the line where water meets the sky is always visible. Enjoy sunsets or sunrises from an open deck, where two chairs can become the unforgettable picture-perfect moment for romantics. Sharing a glass of champagne watching the day turn into night is the perfect end to any sunny day.

And no yacht is complete without the captain’s deck – an elegant space in perfect harmony with the rest of the yacht’s design. The floor-plan will deepen your understanding of the yacht’s space arrangement. Is there anything missing from this exceptional display of luxurious lifestyle?