A new and easy-to-use yacht management system, Deep Blue Software, has been released to facilitate the crucial administrative workload of captains and crew, yacht and superyacht management companies and yacht owners.

Developed by international software company, Deep Blue Soft Ltd, the new software can assist both during and after the yachting season, offering tailor made tools to deal will all aspects of daily yacht operations.

Designed with input from experienced yacht captains, first officers, chief engineers, managers, financial officers and owners’ representatives, Deep Blue is a Cloud-based solution hosted on secure servers with permanent access over the Internet, a user-friendly interface and specific modules for daily use by a yacht’s entire complement based anywhere in the world.

The 24 unique applications are divided into specific areas covering crew management, crew and guests lists, official MLC (Maritime Labor Convention) requirements, accounting and financial reports, yacht inventory and documents, maintenance and engine logbook and charter management, among other tools.

Deep Blue allows a continuous flow of information in real time between yachts and their management companies, with full transparency and professional accuracy, allowing captains and managers to significantly reduce the administrative workload and ensure yachts and crews are perfectly aligned with MLC, Class and Flag requirements.

Deep Blue services run on secure servers accessible 24/7 from any computer (PC/MAC compatible with all Internet browsers), as well as mobile devices and iPads and feature high levels of security limiting access according to each user’s position and function.

For more information, visit deepbluesw.com