The world’s premier manufacturer of underwater dock lights, Deep Glow Technologies lights up your dock, seawall, pier, bridge or marina.

It’s the perfect touch to bring the sea to life.  Founded in 2006 in St. Petersburg, Florida, Deep Glow Technologies is made up of a design team that has years of experience in underwater lighting and other marine-related businesses with the intention to build the finest light available.

The company invested heavily in research and product design, spending over a year rigorously testing prototypes before going to market with the current design. Deep Glow has emerged as the premier manufacturer of next generation, durable, innovative underwater lighting systems. The company is addressing the growing demand for quality lighting products for use at residential and commercial waterfront properties internationally, including primary and secondary homes, hotels, restaurants, yacht clubs, parks and entertainment venues.

Deep Glow Underwater Lights dramatically improve the enjoyment of all waterfront properties. These high quality, patented underwater lights illuminate the waterways at night and are excellent at attracting fish as underwater green fishing lights or as dock lighting for beauty. Deep Glow underwater lighting creates a family-friendly setting to enrich the night view with a glowing light that goes beyond the water’s edge creating a virtual aquarium that everyone can appreciate. 

“It’s like having the Discovery Channel in your back yard!” Simple to install, they can be thrown, dropped or placed in the water and will automatically right themselves on the bottom facing the water’s surface. When the sun goes down the fun starts as the Deep Glow lights illuminate fish and marine life. This unique positioning can be useful for a smooth entry while returning from boating or fishing at night, while also providing an extra level of security after hours.

The lights operate automatically with a timer or photocell, making them conveniently easy to use and enjoy.  Additionally, Deep Glow lights are environmentally friendly using less power and providing more illumination than traditional above water dock lights. Patented Deep Glow lights were specially designed for both residential and commercial use and they perform under various settings. From harsh saltwater locations and rough water environments to calm lakes and decorative ponds, our lights consistently provide satisfaction for our customers around all over the world. 

Deep Glow lights are virtually maintenance free producing heat to combat marine growth and are easy to pull out of the water and clean, if necessary. Deep Glow Lights are available in four great colors: Deep Green – recommended for murkier waters such as bays and inlets. Bahamas Blue – recommended for clear waters like those in the Bahamas. • Pink – for holidays and specialty commercial applications. Crystal Clear – recommended for all other water types.

 Deep Glow is truly “Lighting the World’s Waters” now in over 30 US States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Dubai, Bahrain, Switzerland, Germany, Grand Cayman and the Bahamas. 888-871-3334