It’s an underwater light show like no other. As the sun sets over a handsome waterfront home in St. Petersburg, Fla., something quite magical and unexpected happens.

More than a dozen emerald green underwater lights, placed strategically around the boat dock and home’s perimeter, bathe the waterfront in a rich, deep and ethereal glow.

This spectacular effect is created by the aptly named Deep Glow Technologies, an innovative underwater lighting manufacturer in Clearwater, Fla., which services residential boat docks, waterfront marinas and commercial properties across America and worldwide.

Founded in 2006, Deep Glow manufactures high-quality and American-made underwater lights that can be ordered online, and installed easily in around 15 minutes following simple instructions and without the need for an electrician.

“The metal halide lights are highly energy efficient, protected inside a sturdy polycarbonate housing with a thick glass lens, and weighted, so when you throw it into the water it always lands on its bottom facing up,” says Deep Glow’s co-founder Brad Ball.

The lights work most effectively in depths of six to 12 feet, and can rest on the sea floor or fixed on a mounting bracket to a pier, boat dock or pontoon. “They’re so easy to install, you don’t even need to get wet,” adds Ball.

Green is Deep Glow’s primary color, because it penetrates various levels of water clarity and delivers an attractive, iridescent hue in saltwater or freshwater. The company also offers different bulbs and lenses to create other colors, such as red and blue, for multiple lighting effects.

The idea for Deep Glow came when Ball’s wife tried to buy him underwater lights as a birthday gift. “They seemed to be thrown together from hardware store parts, so I called around to the various people selling them and asked if anyone wanted to build a real product,” Ball says.

With marine-related experience of his own, Ball met Kevin Ahearn – an accomplished underwater lighting manufacturer – and Deep Glow was born. Ahearn is now company president, and the firm operates from a 2,500-square-foot warehouse where ll of Deep Glow’s products are made.

“The effects can be spectacular,” says Ahearn, “and the lights attract enormous amounts of sea life, with pools of fish swimming in the glow. It’s like watching the “Discovery Channel” at night.

Image Credits: Photo courtesy of Deep Glow Technologies.