Stunning tall silk trees from OfficeScapesDirect boast unique, easy DIY assembly. Fourteen-foot trees for business and home décor no longer require expensive custom installation

Adding tall trees to your business and home décor has never been easier and more cost-effective thanks to a revolutionary design by OfficeScapesDirect, the nation’s leading supplier of designer-quality silk botanicals for businesses, home interiors, and commercial spaces.

Most artificial tall trees (10 feet and higher) require a complicated, costly process of being custom built and assembled on site. OfficeScapesDirect, however, uniquely offers stunning, realistic trees up to 14 feet tall – handcrafted on natural wood trunks with the highest quality foliage. They are shipped directly to businesses and homes in just two boxes and can be assembled in 20 minutes with easy-to-follow printed and on-line video instructions.

“Assembly of our tall trees is faster and easier than that of most artificial Christmas trees,” Tim Hennessy, co-founder of OfficeScapesDirect, said. “Our proprietary do-it-yourself design is a huge cost-saver for businesses and homeowners because it eliminates the expense of custom set-up. No one else in the world is doing this; we truly have revolutionized artificial tall tree technology.”

OfficeScapesDirect’s deluxe tall trees are available in five varieties – Alder, Bamboo, Ficus, Ming Aralia and Silver Birch – in 10-, 12- and 14-foot heights. Their pricing ranges from $799 to $1399. Once ordered via or the company’s toll free number, 1-800-557-1997, they are shipped hassle-free to a business or home within ten business days. They arrive fully shaped and ready to assemble.

OfficeScapesDirect silk trees look beautiful year after year, saving customers tremendous amounts of money and time. The cost cutting benefits of silk plants and trees compared to using live plant leasing are undeniable. Silk plants eliminate costly service contracts, dying plants and the need to water. They eliminate conditions for mold, mildew and insect problems. They eliminate plant allergens and the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. They conserve resources and fuel so they reduce the carbon footprint. The bottom line: The need for costly live plant servicing to keep fragile, expensive outdoor trees unnaturally thriving indoors is eliminated.

“Our silk trees, plants and floral arrangements look incredibly real, thanks to recent improvements in artificial botanical technology,” Hennessy said. “Compared to ten, even five years ago, the leaves and petal components are amazingly authentic. At OfficeScapesDirect we use only the highest quality materials and assemble our products by hand in our own factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. The time, craftsmanship, and ingenuity we put into our product development really make a difference.”

OfficeScapesDirect is the nation’s premier supplier of designer-quality silk flowers, plants and trees for business interiors and commercial spaces. The company proudly offers the widest selection and deepest inventory of beautifully designed silk creations at affordable prices, delivered directly to offices and businesses. OfficeScapesDirect’s sister company,, serves the consumer market in the same manner, offering the widest selection anywhere of designer-quality silk botanicals for enhancing home décor. Both companies are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and White Plains, N.Y.