Getting a second home is a great investment that can earn you some money over time. You can spend vacations there and potentially move there once you have retired. When getting a second home, you can often get a reduction on the mortgage interest, and you can deduct tax breaks. However, people don’t know where to start when looking for the ideal second home. Therefore, they are likely to make mistakes; here are some of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a second home.


Not choosing a great destination

One mistake people make when buying a second home is they don’t choose a great destination they will want to visit over the years. There’s no point picking somewhere that you have been to one or two times. You need to choose somewhere you have been and had a great time at least five times. You don’t want to regret the decision and have to sell the home. Make sure you visit the area at different times of the year to get an accurate impression of the destination. Also, get a good idea of what there is to exactly do in the area. Check the proximity to the beach or the shops from the new home, so you know it’s worth buying one there. Check out our previous article about the best vacation home destinations to consider when purchasing a second home.


Not considering starting from scratch

Another mistake people make when buying a second home is they don’t consider starting from scratch. It’s unlikely you will find your dream home when looking around for a property. Therefore, you should consider looking into finding a fantastic home plan so you can create your dream home. You can then add extras you might not be able to find such as a balcony, so that you can enjoy the great views of the area. You could look into southern house plans for your second home. These come with covered porches and verandas to ensure you keep the inside of your home cool in hot weather.


Not considering the weather all-year-round

You should also make sure you check what the weather is like all-year-round before purchasing a second home. A lot of people end up regretting choosing a vacation home because it gets too cold in winter. You need to have a good idea of what it will be like in colder months, so you know whether you will be able to utilize it then. If the area has a lot of snow in winter, it might be hard to get to. Also, you should be checking what the heating is in the property. You don’t want to buy a property which has bad heating for colder months.


Not checking the home prices around the area

Another mistake people make when purchasing a second home is they don’t check the home prices around the area. You need to ensure that the home is going to make you money, not lose money, over time. You can often find a list online of how much properties sold for in the past, so you know how much it has lost or made in the last few decades.

Make sure you check out the views are like from the property. You want to be able to have plenty to look at from your vacation home!



Image Credits: Photo by Josh Gibson.