Dubai likes outlandish ideas and has the will and the capacity to turn them into reality.

From a trading outpost in the gulf the emirate has transformed itself into a financial hub between Hong Kong and London and the most important city in the region. It has developed the financial muscle to back projects that do not seem feasible.

If the idea appeals to them they are even willing to overlook the financial viability of the project. They built Burj Khalifa to be the tallest building in the world. Earth was also a unique project that is a cluster of man made islands just off the coastline in the shape of different continents. The latest concept that is being pursued seriously in Dubai is a half submerged hotel, complete with underwater rooms.

The architects have taken up the challenge to create the hotel with views of life below the surface of the sea. The concept of the underwater hotel is being called the ‘Water Discus Hotel’. The final design developed for the futuristic hotel is of a building in the shape of a spaceship. The building seems to be perched on the water on three legs. It appears to be a villain’s lair from a James Bond movie.

The concept is believed to be a novel idea that will have a wide appeal; hence several such hotels are planned across the region as it has the potential to attract the growing number of tourists in the region. Deep Ocean Technology (DOT) who have designed the hotel are confident that the vacationers on the beach and the sea will simply love it as it gives them the opportunity to explore the depths of the oceans. All the off shore exploration for oil has helped develop new cutting edge technology that makes it possible to create luxurious settings in the heart of the ocean. This new technology is coming in handy to make this project a reality confirmed a spokesperson for BIG InvestConsult, a Swiss company behind the development.

The design of the hotel building consists of two main discs, one above water and one below. Both the disc like structures are connected by three legs. All the stairways and lifts are placed in these legs to take the guests down in the water or take them up to the disc above. The underwater structure of the hotel is placed up to ten meters deep in the ocean and features 21 rooms for guests along with a submerged dive center and a bar. To improve the visibility outside the rooms a special lighting system will be installed. It will illuminate the flora and fauna and the guests will have access to macro photography in their rooms that will enable them to zoom in and take a closer look at even the tiniest creatures. DOT, the designers of the hotel have taken all precautions to make the structure completely safe. The top disc, or the over water portion of the hotel is high enough to withstand a tsunami or any other flooding. The underwater disc is also designed to surface automatically in case of any danger.

You need not worry even if you do not know swimming and can’t go scuba diving. You can simply check in to Water Discus Hotel and enjoy the deep sea marine life from up close.