Hanukkah this year is on December 24 and runs through January 1.  The holiday calls for relatively smaller gifts given for each of the 8 days of Hanukkah.  Here are some ideas to help you celebrate the eight-day festival of lights. 


Blue + White Ceramic Mug –  low, wide + excellent for coffee, latte, tea, even a cup of soup. The beautiful design + detail give it an antique-like charm. Colors are blue + cream white. $38 from www.HelloCrisp.com  


Butterfly Matches $5 from www.RosyRings.com


Blue and White Porcelain Tumbler – wheel thrown and slightly hand-altered to form a more organic shape. Each has its own completely unique markings. $45 from www.HelloCrisp.com


Hope Perfume Vial Set – includes a crystal perfume necklace in turquoise blue, 1 dram of Hope perfume, funnel for filling and instructions accompanied by delicate botanicals in a glass vial.  Hope is an airy fragrance of fresh fig blossoms delicately accented with touches of purple iris, violet petals and vanilla bean.  $30 from www.peacockparfumerie.com


Blue and White Tart Dish – This handmade ceramic plate with fluted edges is perfect for baking pie, tart or quiche + is beautiful for service, as well. Colors are blue + cream white. $75 from www.hellocrisp.com


Viola Queen Charlotte Birds – Each figure is carefully filled with real botanicals and perfumed with a fairy bouquet of ethereal violet blooms, green honeydew and water lily unfold in enchanted violet wood resplendent with notes of amber and musk. $30 from www.peacockparfumerie.com


Chambray Kitchen Towels in blue and white stripe – made with thick linen these long-lasting kitchen cloths get softer + more absorbent with each wash. The chambray weave has a classic colored warp + white weft. A small cotton loop allows for easy hang-dry. Sold as a set of 2 of the same color $30 from www.hellocrisp.com


Rosy Rings Travel Tins – many like to set their Hannukah table with a variety of tins from this collection (as shown at CityWoods Gallery in Chicago).   Favorite fragrances include Bay Garland and Forest. $10 each at www.rosyrings.com