There are some experiences that all true golf fanatics should have at some point in their lives. Read on to find out what these experiences are and what you can expect from them.


Catch the World’s Best at The Players Championship

If you want to witness the world’s very best players at one tournament, then one of the best to attend is the Players Championship. The competition consists of the top 144 players in the world. And if you attend the championship, you will have the chance to see them playing up close. This is the kind of opportunity you can’t afford to miss if you are the kind of golf fan who loves to follow the form of all the top pros. It’s a truly global competition, and it has been won by players as diverse as Tiger Woods and Martin Kaymer in recent years. Every golfer wants to add the trophy to their collection. And every golf fan should want to see the competition play out in person.


Volunteer at a Major Tournament

You might not realize it, but all the major golf tournaments would fall to pieces if it weren’t for the volunteers. They are the people that make sure that the running of the tournament goes smoothly. When there is a problem, they are there to fix it. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game, and the players wouldn’t be able to play it. They are one of the most under appreciated groups of people in the entire sport. But volunteering can also be a lot of fun. For people who are passionate about the sport, there is nothing better than being responsible for the running of a competition. You should definitely give it a go.


Watch the Masters Tournament Live

Of all the four major championships in professional golf, the best of them is the Masters Tournament. This is the one that all the pros really want to win. It’s the most prestigious, most widely recognized and most respected of all competitions. It’s now being going for more than eight decades, and it always takes place at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. You really have to travel there and watch the tournament live if you really consider yourself a fan of the sport. Sitting at home and watching the Masters on television is simply not the same as being there in person. You can get more information about the tournament by visiting here.


Hit a Hole in One

For people who love playing the sport as much as they love watching the pros, there is no aim greater than hitting a hole in one. Most players will never do this in their lives. So, if you can eventually do it, you will never stop talking about it. But make sure you don’t do it when nobody’s around. If no one believes that it ever happened in the first place, most of the thrill is taken away. There’s nothing better than golfing with a group of friends and hitting a hole in one. It’s the kind of things that you’ll be bringing up and boasting about for the rest of your life!


See Your Side Win the Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is an event that happens every couple of years. It’s a straight contest between an American team of players and a European team. It’s the ultimate team game in the world of golf. And most people don’t see golf as a team sport, but this is the competition that challenges that way of thinking. It’s also the competition that gets some of the biggest viewing figures of any golf tournament. That’s because it’s a competition that is thrilling and exciting from start to finish. And there’s nothing like seeing your side win it!


Play on America’s Top 100 Courses

For golfers, there is nothing better than experiencing a golf course for the first time and getting to know it. It’s not just about playing the game; it’s also about enjoying the surroundings. It’s a lot of fun, and one of the best things you should do is play on all of America’s top 100 golf courses. This gives you a good overview of everything the country has to offer to golfers. Go to Top 100 Golf Courses to find out more.