Entrepreneurs Sarah and Steve Gifford start a Needlepoint Baseball Cap Company dedicated to protecting  New England Coastal Towns and Waters

While fresh breezes, pristine waters and carefree days characterize life by the sea, the reality is coastal ecosystems are a hot bed for environmental issues. Along the Northeast coast littered shorelines, murky waters,  and declining fish populations remind of us the consequences of overpopulation, irresponsible land use practices, and corporate irresponsibility on a fragile ecosytem.   Young social entrepreneurs and Cape Coders Sarah and Steve of Gifford recognized a need for action before it was too late and responded with their company Harding-Lane. The sibling duo grew up on the Cape enjoying clean waters, high tides, and abudant grasslands and found their passion in making sure this never changes. A portion of the profits from Harding-Lane needlepoint baseball caps goes directly back to New England Environmental Organizations that share the same goals. In creating these fashionable hats, Sarah and Steve give us all a chance to look good, block the ocean sun, and protect the pristine waters of New England and those who rely on its vitality. Since the start in 2009, the company remains dedicated to its charitable goals as well as socially responsible and sustainable manufacturing practices. For Sarah and Steve the passion they find in their company comes from knowing their business is helping protect the life, land, and water they cherish and by wearing Harding-Lane caps you can feel that same sense of commitment to protecting the waters we all take for granted.

From cool breezes to refreshing dips and endless fun — not to mention being the basis of many peopleÂ’s livelihoods (Including OceanHomeÂ’s) — the ocean has forever been looking out for our well-being and its time we returned the favor. For many part of the difficulty is where to start! Buying a hat can be the first step, but in additon you can read more about Harding-LaneÂ’s mission and minimizing your own impact at Harding-Lane online.