Moving abroad for work, temporarily or permanently, is a common thing to do. You might be sent to a different office by your employer or you might find a new job entirely. Whatever your reasons for staying, you need somewhere to live. Finding a new home in a foreign place can present a challenge. You might not speak the native language or, at least, be unfamiliar with real estate jargon. You’re unlikely to know the local area well, which can make it hard to find the best neighborhood. But you need somewhere suitable to stay, especially if you will be there for a while. Here’s how you can find the best place for you.

Speak to Your Employer

When you relocate, your employee may have a relocation service to help you. It’s possible they can get you set up with somewhere to live and give assistance with other things. For example, they might help you sort out your health insurance. Not all employers will be able to give you a lot of help, but it’s worth asking. At the very least, they may be able to give you some contacts. It will help to have the number of someone who can find you a home and help you move in.

Use a Specialized Service

If you look online, you’re sure to find a service designed to help new arrivals find somewhere to stay. Some will even specialize in people who are staying temporarily and need a home for a few months. For example, Grey Loft helps out many employees from lots of recognizable companies in Singapore. They also work with a number of partners to help you move house and get your home in shape. These services will know just how to help you out to find the perfect place for you to stay.

Explore Different Options

You might only be planning to stay for a few months or even weeks. If you are, you have a few options for where to stay. You don’t necessarily need to rent an apartment or house to yourself. Although you might want to feel at home, it’s not as important to have a home. Other options you could explore includes hotels and guesthouses. You can find extended stay hotels and get a room or even a studio for a few weeks. If you want to rent somewhere more private, a short-stay apartment might be a better choice.

Share with Others

You might want your privacy, but a place to yourself isn’t necessarily the best option. You might find it easier to find somewhere to stay if you’re willing to share. It will make it cheaper to rent your home and pay the bills. In addition, it will help you to get to know people. You can share with other professionals who might also be in the country temporarily. You just need to be careful who you choose to share with.

Ask for help if you want to find somewhere you love when you’re away. It’s easier when you have someone to help you out.