The bigger your family gets, the more important finding a perfect home becomes. This is the building where your young children will grow up. It’s the spot where you’ll make a million new memories. It’s the venue where the next few chapters of your life will unfold.

While we all dream about the blissful notion of a wonderful family home when we settle down, actually finding that perfect property can be a difficult task. Anyone in this position needs all the guidance they can get, and we’ve put together four top tips to help make the process a little easier.


Finding the best possible location for your family home will involve a bit of legwork, literally. Taking a wander around the neighborhood and seeing what sort of shops, services and schools are located nearby is imperative before you buy. It’s also worth going a little deeper and research details such as crime and traffic accident rates. When you’re picking a property to raise a family, you’ll want to be in a safe area with reliable roads and excellent schools. 


Close your eyes and visualize the future of your family before you put down the deposit on a new home. Do you have enough space in this new place to accommodate all your needs? Is there ample room for all your children to play, grow and thrive in this environment? Is there a spare room available just in case you need it? What about a back garden or a pool for those big family barbecues? These are all questions you need to consider to make sure this property is spacious enough for tomorrow as well as today.


There’s no shame in seeking out professional help when it comes to looking for a great family property. Remember – finding perfect homes for people is an estate agent’s bread and butter. They’ll know the local area inside out and understand exactly what you ought to be paying for each kind of property. Draw up a list of criteria and find a supportive person who is willing to have lengthy conversations about your needs and wants. This is a big decision after all, and it doesn’t hurt to have a pro by your side when it comes to crunch time.


This might be the final tip on the list, but it’s the one you ought to keep at the forefront of your mind before you head out on your hunt for the ideal family house. Make sure your budget is realistic, and stick to it. Your ideal property will quickly turn from an eagle into an albatross when the monthly payments begin to put you under constant strain. Shopping around for the right home loan is essential, as it gives you a greater chance of buying a home and not allowing financial constraints to stop you from enjoying it. In your budget, consider how much you want to put down as a deposit, and even if you are unable to put together enough money, it is possible to find affordable, no deposit home loans deals online.

Finding the ultimate family home requires patience and level-headedness from start to finish. If you do find a property that you fall in love with, remember to take a deep breath and a step back before you commit. There’s no sense in making such a big decision too quickly. Sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning. If you still love the look of it when you wake up, and it ticks all the boxes, it might be the time to put down that deposit.