Finding the Right Thanksgiving Tablescape for Your Home


While it may be just for a day and only for a few hours at that, the tablescape you create for your Thanksgiving meal does much more than simply reinforce the theme of the day.  It sets the mood, helps create the tone and ambiance you’re searching for and says much about your own taste and the taste you want to share with others.  Whether you hope to bring your guests into a romantic setting, one dripping in elegance, one meant to calm and sooth or one full of vibrant life, your table can easily say this and much more.


If youÂ’re searching for the perfect inspiration this year, consider some of these traditional ideas as well as some more unique thoughts that may just take your home to the level you need it to go to!



The typical thought behind a Thanksgiving tablescape is one with a blend of fall colors: oranges, browns, deep greens and low reds.  This is the easiest to pull off because the supplies are readily at your fingertips and it simply requires picking your favorites from the holiday section and placing items together in a complimentary fashion.  The feeling you will typically accomplish going traditional is one of deep warmth and comfort.  Meeting the expectations of what your guests are likely already envisioning will put them at ease instantly and envelop them in a comfortable situation sure to inspire stories and laughter and feet up on the couch.



While a traditional theme often has a bit of a rustic look, for many homes and personalities, this simply will not do.  If your idea of décor is most certainly not gourds filled with squash and pumpkins or standing turkey namecard holders, but lies much more in tall, thin candlesticks and draping silks, you can take Thanksgiving to an elegant world by simply continuing the theme already in place in your home.  You can still use traditional fall items, like leaves, but spray them gold and lay on the table like a trail of rose petals instead.  Use the warmth of gold and it’s stately look to your full advantage.  Glass, gold and a lovely hounds tooth tablecloth can take fall elegance to a whole new level.  Instead of pumpkins, bring in a deep purple and fill gourds with black grapes.  An elegant atmosphere will instantly elevate your conversation and your attitude.  Enjoy elegant drinks and sit up a bit straighter, there’s a feeling of regal here.



An organic theme is my favorite style of all.  The richer and earthier, the better for our home.  It has a tendency to ground the atmosphere, to stabilize and to remind me of all the things I’m thankful for.  There’s nothing flimsy, nothing “airy” or “out there,” and that’s just what I crave.  This style tends to bring families and friends together in an intimate way, perfect for deep, touching conversations that focus on the season and what it means and what each person means to the other.  This year, my preference to avoid the traditional pumpkins and squash however, and go for an earthy, organic apple/apple cider feel.

thanksgiving buffet table
thanksgiving table
Thanksgiving table  

Thanksgiving Table



In between these three are any number of other themes for tablescapes: humorous, kid-approved, classic, whimsical, etc.  Yours will likely match your home décor because there’s a reason you like that feel and like to surround yourself in a particular atmosphere, but you may also find yourself craving something new this year.  If you’re tired of something laid back, as your home normally is, see if you can pull off elegant or even classic.  And if you’d rather your guests not feel the need to eat with the proper silverware and worry about not slouching, then maybe you’ll want to lay out a display built to inspire relaxation.

It’s all up to you, so play around and have some fun.  You can be thankful all the while that you simply have the opportunity to create the tablescape and atmosphere that you desire for your friends and family.


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