D’Asign Source turns outdoor living into an art. 

ohjf10_outside_1Enjoying a barbecued meal and a cocktail under a tiki hut is no longer just for vacation; it can be a perfect compliment to your outdoor space. These days, creating the ideal setting for outdoor living also means dividing it into rooms with multiple features.

“Fire pits have become very popular within the past five years,” says Franco D’Ascanio of D’Asign Source in Marathon, Florida. “We’re seeing a trend in bowl-shaped pits in a copper material for a natural look.” D’Ascanio also suggests marble or stone for a surrounding and decorative walk. “No longer are the ‘combo grills’ in,” explains D’Ascanio. “It’s more about creating a kitchen with a three- to four-foot grill, separate side burners, and appliances.”

Other popular accessories include pizza ovens, warming drawers, and beverage coolers for the perfect outdoor experience that pulls all the separate rooms together to create a desirable outdoor living space.

But building that ideal living space on the oceanfront comes with its own set of challenges. D’Ascanio says that it’s extremely important to take into consideration which materials will sustain the natural elements of the ocean. “The main things to target are corrosion and wind/hurricane resistance,” he says. “We find brass, copper, and bronze to be the best base materials, but it’s a very natural look. The number one material to sustain everything is titanium.”

D’Asign Source also owns Coastal Source, which specializes in building raw materials for coastal products. The two companies work together in creating products that can stand up to the harsh weather conditions common along the ocean. “We’ve invested in salt and heat test chambers to do thorough tests to accelerate corrosion on our products,” says D’Ascanio. “We go to extreme lengths to find superior products.” 305-743-7130, dasignsource.com. —Jillian Ducharme

Gear Up- Three must-have items for your outdoor living space.

1 Linear Burner System Outdoor This burner system can be paired with custom fire pits, fireplaces, and fire ribbons. More environmentally friendly than wood, itÂ’s approved in 50 states and covered in stainless steel for maximum outdoor protection. 866-938-3846, sparkfires.com.

2 SmokinTex Pro Series Model 1500 This heavy-duty smoker can cook up to 80 pounds at a time with three standard shelves and one seafood grill. 888-922-1511, smokin tex.com.

3 Outdoor Artisan Pizza Oven Modeled after famous Italian pizza ovens, Kalamazoo created an outdoor design in stainless steel to endure the natural elements. With an arched roof and a stone cooking surface, your pizza will come out perfect each time. 800-868-1699, kalamazoogourmet.com.