Ocean Home’s design experts Jeffrey and Deborah Fisher uncover five award-winning home accessories. 


Branch Agate Sconce

Deb and I are drawn to organically shaped sculpture and mid-century woven furniture, so when we discovered the Fibonacci Collection we did a double take. Designed on geometric forms found in nature, the eight-piece collection by Michael Gabellini and Kimberly Sheppard is exclusive to Janus et Cie. The Anda Lounge received an Interior Design Best of 2013 Award but to our eyes, each piece of the collection is a standout. janusetcie.com The recipient of a Rising Star prize at the 25th Annual Arts Awards, Emporium Home delivers inspiration with an edge to any home setting. Each piece is designed with an eye for style and detail, and handcrafted by traditional artisans using natural materials. Deb and I recently became huge fans after choosing the Emporium Home Branch Agate Sconce for a client’s powder room. It’s sculptural, organic and elegant.


FLIP Alarm Clock 

Since winning a prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2013, the fun and colorful FLIP by Jeremy and Adrian Wright has turned the world of alarm clocks upside down. With one side marked ON and the other OFF, when the alarm rings, you simply turn the clock over to the OFF side to stop it ringing, and the display automatically flips itself over to remain upright. Worth waking up for! 


Lucid Mirror by Adam Frank

With rays of sunshine illuminating fluffy clouds behind the glass surface of a mirror, Adam Frank’s Lucid Mirror explores his fascination for interactive light. His mesmerizing invention transforms an everyday object into a 3D art installation that allows viewers to “touch” the allusion with their own reflected images. And when you fancy a change of scene, simply switch it off and Lucid returns to being just a mirror. 


Oyster Bowl

Deb and I love strolling on the beach looking for special seashells that wash ashore. When we came across the Oyster Dip Bowl from the Beatriz Ball Collection (in a store not the beach), we had the very same feeling of wanting to take it home with us. So we did. Ball’s beautiful collections of fine metal ware, made by hand in Mexico, make the perfect gift.