Vanishing Point

Designed by Drakeley Pool Company and lined with blue glass tiles, this dramatic vanishing-edge pool delivers a fabulous outdoor living experience, expansive views of Long Island Sound and mirror-like reflections.

Photo credit: Matthew Williams

Into The Woods

The secluded setting of this plunge pool by Aqua Blue Pools allows its owners to swim in total privacy. It blends seamlessly with its manmade and natural surroundings, and the cool geometric design and subtle lighting create an almost ethereal ambience.


High Society

Perched above Hollywood Hills, Calif., with panoramic views of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, this spectacular vanishing-edge and glass tile plunge pool was designed by Paolo Benedetti of Aquatic Technology Pool & Spa.


Viva Las Vegas

Clean lines and classic design make this beautiful plunge pool by Watters Aquatech a stunning focal point and a natural extension of the home’s architecture. Ambient lighting transforms the pool into a magical oasis after dark.


Out Of The Box

What to do when space is tight? The clever folks at Clayton&Little Architects in Austin, Texas, took a highway concrete box culvert, cast a PVC insert, plastered the exterior, tiled the waterline and voila! – a compact but dazzling plunge pool.

Photo credit: Casey Dunn

All other photographs courtesy of the pool designers.