If you’ve got that extra bit of expendable income to splash on a nice holiday home, then why not consider spending it? No idea where? Here’s our handy guide!

1. Mansion in Florida’s Iconic Palm Beach

If you love the East Coast of America, then this is just the ticket for you. Imagine how cool it would be to say that you own a mansion in Florida’s iconic Palm Beach? You’ll really be mixing it amongst the stars in a gorgeous mansion that you would be proud to call your second home. Hey, we can all dream, right? These awesome mansions are positioned just metres from the lovely, sandy beaches. Thus, they are perfect for getting your tan on during those summer months. You’re also just a short drive away from Palm Springs, a beautiful little retreat. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, you’re just over an hour’s drive away from the massive city of Miami. If you’re into your sports, then why not catch a game of NFL while you’re there? There’s nothing better than watching the Dolphins in the sun. The best part about America’s East Coast, though, is that it is sunny almost all year round. If you’re always complaining about the weather where you live, then get hold of a holiday home out here.

2.  Home in The Cotswolds

In contrast, you may prefer the humbler environment of a rustic log home in the English Cotswolds. If you live for British culture and all of its great ideas, then why not make the Cotswolds your perfect holiday home? If you’re struggling with your budget a little, then why not build a log home of your own? Now, that really would make it a personal, holiday home experience. Knowing that you’d built the place you were staying in would give your a tremendous amount of satisfaction and sense of achievement. You will need to be a dab hand with a bit of DIY, but it isn’t beyond the capabilities of everyone. Simply snap up a couple of acres of land by a lake in the Cotswolds and your project can begin. You’ll need to base yourself nearby and probably hire a team of helpers to aid the process, but it will definitely be worth it in the long haul. Why not get ordering the wood, now? Supplies for log homes can be found if you visit Mountain Home Building Products, or other similar log home suppliers. Once you’ve built your log home, you can kick back, relax and enjoy the British countryside at its very best!

3. Swanky Apartment In Barcelona

Known for its incredible architecture, Barcelona is a European super city. If you really want to get to know Europe, then a holiday home in Catalonia would go a long way to helping you truly experience everything it has to offer. There’s plenty to see and do there, too. If you fancy some fresh fruit and vegetables to get cooking with, then there is nowhere better than Europe to go than the La Rambla market. There is also the Gothic quarter for those who really appreciate fine European culture. The Gothic architecture, particularly in Barcelona’s cathedrals is second to none. Finally, as if that wasn’t enough, Barcelona is also home to Europe, and arguably the world’s, greatest soccer team. FC Barcelona, or Messi and co., are currently top of the Spanish league table and the current holders of the UEFA Champions League. That makes them a tourist attraction in their own right. So, if you pick up a snazzy apartment in sunny Spain, make sure it’s in Barcelona and pay a visit to the incredibly impressive Nou Camp to watch a match. Sports and culture freaks will love the incredible ambiance in Barcelona – so what are you waiting for?

4. Villa with Pool in Southern France

If you much prefer the quieter life of rural countryside escapes, then why not dismiss the city slickers found in Barcelona. Instead you should opt for a lovely countryside villa in Southern France. From Spring through until early Autumn, the south of France is often pleasantly warm and sunny. To maximize on this weather, why not get yourself a villa with a nice, big, outdoor pool? Sipping cocktails on a chaise lounge before a quick dip in the water sounds like our idea of heaven. So, hopefully, it will be yours, too. The French are famous for their excellent cuisine, too. So you’ll never be far from a great meal. We’d recommend always having a hire car available to you if you’re heading out into the sticks. That way, local vineyards and village fetes aren’t out of reach for you while away on holiday. Who’d want to miss out on all that fun?

5. Chalet in the Austrian Alps

If you’re a big skier, then this option is most definitely for you. The summer sun isn’t for everybody, we know that. Do you enjoy those winter months and staying active a whole lot more than lying by a pool? If so, then pick yourself up an Austrian chalet to enjoy weeks of holiday season skiing at your leisure. There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a wooden chalet covered in a snowy white glaze. We can’t think of anywhere cozier than being snuggled up on a sofa in front of a roaring open fire like those that you find in these Austrian chalets. Naturally, because almost all of these chalets are situated nearest to the hottest ski resorts in town, they’re pricey! However, for the ease of access to the slopes and the gorgeous fresh air of the Alps, can you really complain?

Ultimately, any of these holiday homes would make an excellent purchase. Of course, each one is going to be suited to a different type of individual, hence, why we have tried to include a full range of options. Hopefully, this post has inspired you to go and spend your money on a holiday home that you can make the most of, and that you can be proud of. All the best, and happy vacationing!