Forbes Riley skipped a grade in high school and earned two undergraduate degrees in just three years. Today, she’s an award-winning TV host, author, spokesperson, motivational keynote speaker, and life coach, as well as the recognizable face behind SpinGym, the at-home fitness accessory she can be seen promoting and demonstrating on HSN. Riley talks to Ocean Home about life at her waterfront Florida home.

 Why did you choose this home? 

The house has the most expansive open water views and a long dock with three boat lifts, so we have the jet boat and the jet ski, and we are still trying to figure out the third!

Which spot in the house affords the best view?

Our second-floor master bedroom faces east over the water with a wall of windows, and it’s a dream to wake up and see the sun rise out of the water. I’ve seen many sunsets, but from my bedroom between the silhouetted palm trees to see this glowing ball of energy start the day, it’s magical. The first morning after we moved in, I screamed for my twin children to join me at six a.m. because the sky filled with colors you only find in a crayon box.

What’s special to you about living on the water?

There is an undeniable energy you get from the water and all the sea life that lives near our home. We have pelicans, osprey, egrets, cormorant, dolphins, a variety of rays, and the occasional manatee that will swim by our dock–it’s like Sea World. Coming from New York City, I was shocked.  If you saw a three-foot-tall bird in New York walking on my property, you’d have to call the zoo!

Do you entertain much here?

We love to enertain. My husband Tom is a Le Cordon Bleu chef with a nose for great wine and great friends. He can whip up a gourmet meal, snacks, and desserts in just minutes–one Saturday we actually had two different parties in a single night!

What makes it great for hosting guests?

The floor plan of the house and large lanai are so open, it really affords the experience of bringing the outdoors in. The kitchen is gorgeous and the stove is on the island, so when the chef is creating, his back is not to the guests. In our house, everyone pulls up a seat to the bartop and we watch, munch, and just hang.

What’s your favorite way to enjoy your home’s beachfront setting?

The best is to grab a cup of tea in the morning or a glass of wine at night and head to the back of the boat at the end of the dock. The boat has seating that faces the water; you don’t see any land when you’re out there, and you sort of float above the water on the lift. If you’re lucky (and it’s often!), the dolphins will play and jump right in front of you. Turn on the speakers, meditate, read the paper or just cuddle up and listen to the sounds of the water—it’s so romantic, so peaceful. I truly thank the universe every chance I get to enjoy those moments.