There was a time when artificial grass was immediately recognizable – think baseball parks pre-1990 or the backyard at “The Brady Bunch” house – but today’s synthetic turf is so true to life, you’ll think you’re walking, sitting and playing on real grass.

As consumers clamor for easier, lower maintenance, more eco-conscious and cost-effective ways to plan, build, maintain and enjoy their gardens, major landscape design companies like DuPont have set out to meet the challenge. And if DuPont’s innovative ForeverLawn is any barometer, the synthetic turf industry is succeeding brilliantly.

ForeverLawn is an artificial product designed to mimic natural grass. And does it ever. Not only do the polyethylene fibers look like real grass (tall and dense), they’re also the color of real grass – right down to the tannish hues indicative of sun-scorched blades. The real test: “If you are barefoot, you can’t tell the difference,” says ForeverLawn founder Brian Karmie. “Our turf has a crescent shape and ribs like natural grass does, so it looks and feels more natural.”

The DuPont ForeverLawn line consists of four separate products representing different attributes. Karmie advises the Select VR and LX are at the top of the spectrum and the most robust with fibers that are taller and thicker. The only difference is color: VR is brighter; LX is darker.

Select HD and EL are lighter in weight and a tad cheaper. All told, an average backyard will cost around $10-$12 per square foot to install the DuPont line, leaving home owners with an artificial lawn that’s as green and luscious as grass.

And how does it stand up to harsh ocean climates? Surprisingly well, in fact. Karmie says the plastic fibers don’t hold water and are immune to salt and sand. Put simply, the turf won’t break down.

Maintenance, however, is where the real value lies. With no need to mow or water, the only true upkeep is raking or blowing off autumn leaves and loose debris.

And synthetic turf more than lives up to the test of time, proving itself a solid long-term home investment. Karmie says the DuPont line has a lifespan of around 10 years. “We call it grass without limits,” he says.



If you’ve always wanted an outdoor putting green at home, Southwest Greens offers hole-in-one solutions that are perfect for any pro or amateur golfer. A subsidiary of Shaw Industries, Southwest Greens offers several varieties of synthetic grasses, including the new Bolt fiber and exclusive HydroChill technology which promises a cooler, more comfortable backyard or putting green on even the hottest days.

Endorsed by pros such as Sergio Garcia, Jack Nicklaus and Annika Sorenstam, the state-of-the-art turf remains green and pristine year-round, regardless of the weather, requires no watering, fertilizing or mowing, and is 100 percent recyclable and child and pet friendly.