Fashion moves at such a fast pace, that often, other forms of design will follow in its wake. Did you know that fashion trends often spill over into home décor trends? While fashion charges onwards, the trends that cross over from fashion to interiors usually stay put for years. But like fashion, there are certain classic styles that will never fall to the wayside. Check out how you can keep your house looking fresh, without undertaking complete home makeover each season, by taking a few tips from the fashion world.

Embrace the Classics

Like your favorite blue jeans, or your treasured cashmere sweater, there are some styles are so classic in home design that you’ll never need to worry about them falling out of fashion. Keeping the largest pieces of any room classic is the best way to ensure that you’re your décor scheme will pass the test of time. In the kitchen for example, stainless steel appliances have come to stay. While the pink and avocado colored appliances had their moment in the sun, even black and white appliances too, the metallic silver of stainless steel can match any décor and that’s one reason it has major staying power. In the living room, opt for a classic, neutral couch instead of going for a print or bold color. Like a plain white T, a neutral couch or carpet will never be a bad choice.

Accessorize with Trends

Neon is huge right now in the world of fashion, however, in the next few months and into fall, something else will be much trendier and neon colors will slip to the wayside. So instead of purchasing an entire neon wardrobe, you buy a few inexpensive pieces, like a pair of shorts and a new blouse. The same rules should apply to your home décor. However, while fashion trends come and go quickly, the ones that truly cross over to décor are likely to stay put in their new arena for some time. So when you find a new print or a new color palette that you really love, don’t be afraid to delve deeper. Currently, ikat prints in bold colors are big in both clothing and décor. If you’ve always loved more exotic feeling spaces, or if you don’t shy away from color, embrace this trend and make it your standard.

Predicting Design and Decorating Trends from Fashion

Discovering trends from fashion is not only easy to do, but it’s fun too! Pick up a stack of fashion magazines, if you can take a look at recent back issues. Flip through looking for similar colors, fabrics, prints, materials etc. Things that pop up in in every issue are likely to fall into interiors too. Of course, you could always take your research to Nordstrom’s or Sak’s too…  

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