“de Reus’ architecture is a tour de force, from structure to cabinetry — inspired design that rises to the level of art.” –Joseph Giovannini, NY Times author and architecture critic


Recognized as one of the world’s Top 100 architects and designers by Architectural Digest, Mark de Reus and his firm de Reus Architects continue to play an influential role in the direction of the international school of tropical architecture. They were recently named an Ocean Home 2016 Top 50 Coastal Architect, the only Hawaii-based firm on the list.


In a recent interview, Mark reflected on the experiences that helped lead him to where he is today: 

“We don’t approach our work from what is in vogue or trending. The over-arching motive in our design practice is working with the vernacular of timelessness and place – a process that is both intellectual and intuitive aimed at integrating landscape and architecture, and harmonizing the ideals of composition and nature. This allows enduring design philosophies to emerge directly from the land.”


He then shared some insight into de Reus’ process of designing with “First Principles:”

“If our motive is to balance humanistic values – such as timelessness and beauty – with buildings connected to nature, we must avoid formulaic thinking to find innovation. First-principles of design allows a ground-up approach from which to apply Cartesian skepticism, challenging assumptions and not taking anything for granted.


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