High-End Grills for Your Outdoor Living Space

All of these high-end grills will enhance your outdoor living space…and your barbeque skills.

1. Grillworks
Grillworks artisanal grills bring precision, pedigree, craftsmanship and style to wood-fired cooking. grillworksusa.com

2. Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Hybrid Fire Grills have a stellar reputation for advanced heat dynamics and custom grill grates in addition to the ability to cook with charcoal and wood as well gas. kalamazoogourmet.com

3. American Muscle Grills
American Muscle Grills provide pure outdoor cooking horsepower. They heat from 0 to 350 degrees in 2 minutes, will sear any food you have with up to 110,000 BTUs and even burn multiple fuels. americanmusclegrill.com

4. Ferno
Ferno’s patented “firewheel” allows cooks to control the height of the gas burners is just one of this grill’s innovative features. fernogrills.com

5. Lynx
The Lynx Trident grill has three infared burners capable of producing up to 69,000 BTUs, halogen grill surface lights, backlit control knobs and an available full rotisserie package. lynxgrills.com