Future Perfect – Forget private planes and get a flying hovercraft instead. Better yet, build your own. Universal Hovercraft offers build kits for its 18SPW, a “hoverwing” that allows you to stay suspended a few inches above the ground or water or take the high road and glide 10 feet above it all. The company says the components take 250 to 275 hours to assemble, but the time investment is rewarded once youÂ’re in hovercraft mode. The 18SPW, measuring 18 feet, can take you and five friends shooting over land or water at a top speed of 75 mph, all while eight inches above the surface. When you add the wings and related accessories— which the company says takes 20 minutes to assemble and adds five feet to the length—you can rise above sand dunes, rocks, and whatever else gets in your way. You can also enjoy 180-degree turns and a 55- to 60-mph minimum flying speed. Landing involves gradually slowing down, leveling the wings, and gently lowering onto land or sea. (Note: only two to three people can fit inside in flight mode, due to the need to rearrange interior components.) A joystick operates the rudders, elevator, and throttle. A quiet four-blade lift fan provides air to the bag skirt, which raises and lowers the hovercraft. Kits range from $5,200 (no engine) to $28,000 (partially built for you with an engine). hovercraft.com.

Yacht Watch – Some yachts can go boldly where others canÂ’t. ThatÂ’s the case with Arieto Primo, a ruggedly handsome 145- footer that was originally built as a tugboat and then converted over two years into a luxury cruiser. Step inside and you feel as if youÂ’ve stepped back in time: wood paneling envelops every room, lending charming warmth to the salon and the staterooms. ThereÂ’s also a spa featuring aromatherapy, as well as a Turkish bath. The yacht is available for charter in Greece, Turkey, and Croatia this summer; $150,000 during low-season periods and $163,500 for high-season periods. 011-41-91 690 0065. floatinglife.ch.

The Envy Liney Humidors – A collection of humidors with Hunters and Frankau cigars. the details: Designs include a Cuban flag, Partagas cigar factory, and the London skyline. $7,900-$44,000, davidlinleyfurniture.com.

—By Diane M. Byrne