While some people prefer to bring the lake indoors with a creel (fish trap) or a paddle, and others bring in the ocean with a nautical flag or a buoy, there is a way to take it to the next level: Bring the whole boat inside. You can hang a canoe or a skiff from the ceiling, build a boat-like kitchen island or take part of a ship’s hull and use it as a bar. Boat inspiration is a great option for decorating kids’ rooms as well; ship’s wheels, boat-shape beds, porthole windows and crow’s nests will invigorate creativity in bedrooms and playrooms. There’s a giant range of options for incorporating boats into your decor; decide if any of them suit your style.

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Indoor Boats 1: Elias Benabib, Corp., original photo on Houzz


When hanging a boat, you’ll have to decide which side you want to show off. You may decide to show off the details and colors on the inside of the boat.


Indoor Boats 2: Patrick Sutton Associates, original photo on Houzz


Conversely, if you’re going more minimal, a beautiful wooden boat with a gorgeous form looks best right side up.


Indoor Boats 3: Interior Changes home design, original photo on Houzz


A cathedral ceiling provides a prime opportunity for hanging a canoe. This lake home’s living room also features unique chairs crafted from water skis.


Indoor Boats 4: Jeffrey Dungan Architects, original photo on Houzz


If the idea of an entire full-size canoe is too much for you, consider a boat’s skeleton for a unique architectural element.

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?Indoor Boats 5: Russell, original photo on Houzz


For die-hard boat lovers, this unique kitchen island will make you feel like you’re at the marina when you’re in your kitchen. The top is covered in a maple wood veneer reminiscent of a boat’s deck.


Indoor Boats 6: La Vie en Blanc, original photo on Houzz


Of course, boats around the house are not just for grown-ups. Boat-shape beds similar to these are available through retail outlets; Pottery Barn Kids has a trundle bed version.

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